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I haven't won my Main Event seat yet, but am heading to Vegas on July 5th anyway. Hopefully things will change this weekend. I'm going to play the 100 seat FTP Guarantee and the 150 Pokerstars Guarantee. I liked the FTP 100 seat guarantee last year.

I have been really busy at work since getting back from the beach a couple weeks ago. I haven't played much or posted much. I plan to pick up the pace on both.

I'm getting excited about the WSOP. Especially, after watching several of the events on the 1 hour delayed WSOP coverage package - definitely worth the $50 price tag.

I was reading though my WSOP posts from last year (getting the WSOP fever) and thought I would link a few here - in case anyone is interested in reading through them (and for lack of being able to think of anything to post right now):

Can I get you autograph? Um, What?

Post I made right after busting out/getting crippled by Phil Ivey

WSOP 2006 Main Event Trip Report - Part 1 (Tiffany Williamson)

WSOP 2006 Main Event Trip Report - Part 2 (New Table/Old Guys)

WSOP 2006 Main Event Trip Report - Part 3 (My Demise)

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