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I haven't read too many blogs or got around to posting because we are staying at condo at the beach for the week celebrating my wife's birthday - at least that is our excuse. Nothing like a little R&R to do the body and mind good.

I have played a little poker here and there, but not too much.

I did notice that wippy1313 posted his mantras and asked that a few other bloggers (including me) post some of ours. I'm going to be lazy right now since I'm on vacation and just point to a few of my past posts for this one - I may think about it more and get in depth when I get back from vacation.

Slump Busting - not really mantras, but does have some self reflection.

GG Variance - Keeping a positive outlook and playing your best.

Making your image work for you

I have been playing a little bit of 5/10 again - mainly just on the weekends or just 1 table at a time. 2/4 is still my regular game right now, but I am hoping to move back up to 5/10 permenantly soon. I think the hands below show the benefits of making your image work for you. - I had made a bluff bet on the river when I missed my flush with this player at my table earlier in the night. I hated the river and really didn't expect a call, but made a big enough bet hoping he might think I missed a draw again. I still amazed that I got a call on the river though. He can only really beat a bluff with that call. - BIG POT with 8 HIGH!!! I played this hand pretty horribly - feel free to rip into me. I had been getting 3 bet quite a bit by this player. He was doing it often enough that I knew he was 3 betting light quite a bit. I figured that if I flopped big I would probably get paid off. I called the flop with the intention of leading out big on the turn, then the Ace came. I really didn't know what to do at the point. I had the straight and flush outs and probably still should have bet out. I checked and he bet enough to basically put me all in. I thought and finally decided to call. I couldn't believe that he was on a complete bluff. I missed the river, but still won with 8 high. :) - Not sure what he was thinking. I guess he put me on a flush draw and he thought he was good. - ??? He put me on a steal maybe?? - Don't mind getting it in ahead and losing hands like these ( are the nature of the game.

I'm not sure if I'll post again before I get back from the beach. Good Luck at the tables.

Free Poker Lessons on YouTube

Thursday, May 24, 2007

It is amazing how much free poker content that you can get on YouTube. I can't believe that this guy isn't charging for his advice. :) It isn't quite TuffFish, but just as addictive.

MTT Hands - FTOPS #8 PL Holdem

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I felt like I was in a zone when I played the FTOPS #8 PL Holdem tourney. You know that feeling - when you are making the correct reads, are focused, and things are working for you. I played better in that tourney than any other that I have played in a while. I was disappointed with bubbling, but wouldn't have done anything different - sometimes things just work out that way. You can play great poker and not cash. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be happy with your play, especially if it builds your confidence and helps improve your play in later tourneys. The FTOPS #8 got me out of a MTT funk that I have been in lately.

Below are some of the key hands

Chipping Up - The guy in Seat 4 had chipped up from a few fortunate spots. He flopped sets twice and had people betting into him each time. In the last two orbits he was raising way way way too much for his own good. Basically, if someone checked to him he would bet and usually fold to a re-raise. He had always raised ANY pair preflop. I felt like his preflop call was an attempt to steal the pot on a later street, because he was raising with probably the top 50% of hands preflop. The flop was pretty good for 66 (only 1 over). His flat call fit his pattern. He would have raised me on the flop if he had a Queen. He had been flat calling and then leading out big on the turn to win several uncontested pots. I called the turn figuring I was probably good. Another Queen came on the river and he insta-shoved. IMO, there was no way that he had a Queen. He was going to try and get some value for a Queen. My guess was that he had an Ace for a missed straight draw. I thought and thought and finally I couldn't put him on anything that beat me. I made the crying call feeling like I was good. Weeeeee!!! Talk about a confidence builder. - The very next hand (perfect timing), I was dealt QQ and raised UTG. The same guy was steaming and re-raised me. I shoved hoping he would call with something like a weak Jack.

Imperium's Table

I was moved to a table with Imper1um . I hadn't played much with him, but knew that he had been on fire this year - ranked #4 on P5s and probably playing better than anyone out there right now. I decided to try to avoid pots with him since we were the two big stacks at the table. All the while, I was watching him play - trying to pick up any patterns and learn anything that I could from his play. - This hand came up after a few orbits. I was dealt JJ and raised to 450 UTG+1. With the way that he had been playing, I figured that his flat call with position on me didn't necessarily mean a strong hand. I think he was probably re-raising me preflop with a wide range. The flop came Ks10s6h. I decided not to lead out. My hand couldn't handle a big re-raise on that flop and he was liable to re-raise with air. I wanted to see how strong he was here. I felt like he would bet big if he had a King, a set or a big flush draw. He bet 780 into a 1,140 pot. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but decided to flat call and see how he reacts on the turn. My thinking was that a flat call would tell him that I had at least a decent hand and would probably slow him down. The turn paired the board and brought a three flush. I checked again and he bet 1,920 into a 2,700 pot. I called since I had the Js and really felt like I was good here. I could re-evaluate things again on the river. The river was a blank. In his eyes my hand had to look really strong to him, so I checked to him. He checked behind with 22 and I won a nice pot. I would have played this differently against most players, but I felt like I could give him control of the hand to keep the pot smaller while still gaining enough information to decide how to proceed in the hand.

I think that hand also helped to keep him out of later pots with me. I knew that if he got involved in another large pot with me, I was probably going to be behind (unless I had a huge hand) since I had shown I was willing to call him down with an underpair on a scary board. I also figured I would be able to make some re-steals from him after that hand because of how I had played the Jacks and he would have to respect my stack. - I wasn't involved in this hand, but I think it shows that Imper1um gets a lot of action because of people getting frustrated with his LAG style. He had been raising so much that when he raised from the button and the SB re-raised, he felt like he was probably ahead with 77. I was amazed that he was willing to put so many chips at risk with the blinds so low with a mediocre hand. I thought about this hand for a while. It shows why he WINS so many tourneys. He isn't afraid to go with his reads and get all the chips in even if he thinks he is only a slight favorite.

DQB - No real explanation needed here. I was the big stack at the table and was raising a lot of hands preflop. Perfect flop and let the other guy hang himself.

Too Many outs if I'm even behind - Hand pretty much played itself against a small stack.

My Demise - Unlucky for a 10k swing approaching the bubble. - Timely re-steal on the bubble against a button steal. I obviously have to shut down if I get called or re-raised. - I posted about this hand previously. The case could be made for laying down 1010 and leaving myself with 17k. I went with the shove because it looked like a complete re-steal from the big stack on the bubble in the big blind. He had been raising almost every hand on the bubble. He called and if my hand had held up I would have been top 10 in chips as we entered the money.

Looking back on the tourney I can't complain about a thing. Sometimes it takes a tourney like this to help kick start things again.

Not a Bad Sunday

Monday, May 21, 2007

I worked it out with my wife to play a few Sunday tourneys since I had qualified for the WSOP 2 seat freeroll that started at 4:30. I managed to do OK in all three tourneys that I played but was a little frustrated with the results, especially in the 2 seat freeroll. (I also played the Blogger Big Game and went out with AKs vs. 22.)

My results for the 3 Sunday tourneys that I played are as follows:
(I actually played 4 - didn't do too well in the Blogger Big Game.)

FTOPS Main Event - 215th out of 3,798 for $1,234 (Hoyazo finished around 100th - nice work Hoy!!! I know you are feeling that frustration as well, but great showing.)

Pokerstars Sunday Million with $250k added - 632nd out of 10,894 for $725. (I was so punchy last night after watching the kids all morning and playing all day that I actually thought I had won more in the Sunday Million.)

and the one that really hurt....

FTP - WSOP 2 seat Freeroll - 6th out of 193 (2 seats paid). This really hurt because I was pretty much a dominating chip leader from about 100 players until about 12 players. I went out with KJ vs. AJ on a Jack high flop with 2 spades on board.

I'll try to go through the hand histories of these and FTOPS #8 (the one I bubbled) and post some of the one more interesting hands. I had Imperium (the eventual winner of FTOPS #8) at my table for a little while in that event. It was educational watching him play.

I felt like I played great Friday night (FTOPS #8) and yesterday. I am happy with my results, but wish a few things here and there had fallen differently.

FTOPS #8 Bubble Boy - Literally

Friday, May 18, 2007

FTOPS #8 PL Holdem - 153 places paid

Nothing like going from this (8 out of 261)....

To this (154th- paying 153)......

Thanks to losing to a two outer and then losing the better side of a race to what looked like the big stack pushing around the table on the bubble. - 99 loses to 88 all in preflop. - Looked like a re-steal by the big stack on the bubble. I was happy when he flipped up his least until the turn. If I knew what he had, I would take my chances there to get a big stack. I really thought he could have any 2 there and I was ahead because it was the literal bubble and he had a monster stack. I'm sure a lot of people out there will make the case for folding, but I wasn't trying to eek into the money and I think I am ahead way more often than I am behind there.

I'll post the good hands that I saved some time in the next few days. Tournament poker is fun.

I am probably going to play the FTOPS Event #8 $216 PL Holdem tourney tonight. (It depends on how rested I feel.) It got me to thinking about the differences between PL Holdem mtts and NL Holdem mtts.

I think that tight aggressive players definitely have a bigger edge in PL mtts than they do in NL mtts. The main reason is that antes never kick in. My thinking is that stealing late in the tourney is less valuable in PL holdem. The TAG players can be patient, pick their spots and re-steal from the loose players using their tight image. I think that some of the less skilled loose players will make the mistake of calling preflop raises and re-raises from the tight players because it is pot limit and they will feel like they are getting the odds when they aren't thus putting the TAG players in more +EV situations. Each round costs you less in chips in the PL mtts than the NL mtts, so the sense of urgency (that you get late in a NL mtt) isn't as great in a PL mtt. (see comparison below)

Of course, this whole concept assumes that the tight player is skilled at post flop play and isn't the push or fold late type of tight player. They will have to play pots postflop. The value of hand reading and post flop aggression goes up significantly in PL holdem. For this reason I think that PL mtts also favor cash games players.

PL (at each hour - 5 levels based on 12 min rounds)
*based on structure for FTOPS #8
Level 5 - 30/60 (90 per round)
Level 10 - 100/200 (300 per round)
Level 15 - 300/600 (900 per round)
Level 20 - 1k/2k (3k per round)
Level 25 - 3k/6k (9k per round)
Level 30 - 10k/20k (30k per round)
Level 35 - 30k/60k (90k per round)

NL (at each hour - 5 levels based on 12 min rounds)
*based on structure for FTOPS #3
Level 5 - 30/60 (90 per round)
Level 10 - 100/200 (300 per round)
Level 15 - 250/500 w/50 ante (1,200 per round)
Level 20 - 800/1,600 w/200 ante (4.2k per round)
Level 25 - 2k/4k w/500 ante (10.5k per round)
Level 30 - 6k/12k w/1,500 ante (31.5k per round)
Level 35 - 17k/34k w/4k ante (87k per round)

Level 5 - Same
Level 10 - Same
Level 15 - NL costs 300 more per round
Level 20 - NL costs 1,200 more per round
Level 25 - NL costs 1,500 more per round
Level 30 - NL costs 1,500 more per round
Level 35 - Finally catches up

I am interested in what others think. Am I off-base here or do PL mtts generally favor a TAG style of play? (I am speaking generally. Of course, there are always table/situational exceptions where a very LAGgy style would be the way to go.)

Presto and Kings in Cash Games

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I had completely horrible luck in tourneys yesterday - it reminded me of why I prefer cash games.

I lost KK vs AJ all-in preflop when very deep stacked to bust out of turbo satellite.
I lost 1/3 of my stack in the P5s FTOPS Main Event satellite when I made a blind vs. blind call with A7 against a short stacked 107 - flop cam 689. I followed this up by a horrible shove on my part with JJ against an early position min-raiser that had KK.
I got knocked out of the Mookie early with a set of 9s vs a set of Queens.

Enough whining, on to a few cash game hands.


Fuel55 preaches that you should never fold presto. I should have listened to him I guess.

Background: Guy to my left is 24/17/13 (VP$IP/PFR&/TAF) and had been squeezing too much for his own good. The guy to my right probably had a decent hand. He was 16/11/2.3 over 800 hands. I decide to call a standard button preflop raise ($14) from the SB. BB pops it up to $69 ($55 more coincidentally enough). The button calls and I have to fold in that position because I am obviously drawing to two outs against the button and this may be the time the BB had a big hand. The turn would have brought gin for me. I'll listen to Fuel55 about "Presto is Gold" from now on and ignore everything - shove with P5s pre. (j/k Fuel)

How to play Kings

I was dealt KK several times yesterday and played it a little different depending on my opponent.

KK Hand 1 - Running KK into AA in a 6 max is sometimes hard to avoid. Most of the time I will 4 bet preflop if I am 3 bet with Kings. Sometimes, I'll mix things up a little (so that it is tougher for my opponents to put me on a hand range) and just flat call the 3 bet if OOP with the intention of either betting a non-ace flop big or check-raising all-in. My thinking being that if I am going to go broke preflop with KK vs. AA, I might as well milk as much money as I can out of AK, QQ, JJ, or some other random hand by an aggressive opponent. It worked perfect on this hand, because there is a 50/50 chance that this opponent would have probably folded his QQ preflop to a big 4 bet. The result was unlucky (chopped str8 on board), but I think the hand shows that you need to mix things up a little occassionly.

KK Hand 2 - Cooler hand for opponent - now way he is folding there. Set vs. Set.

KK Hand 3 - I guess this guy thought I was on a flush draw that missed. I made calculated crying call on the river - guessing he was on a missed flush draw. I made the call because I was getting 2.4 to 1 on the bet and I was figuring there was about 50/50 I was good because this player was making that same bet with a missed draw.

Keep them Guessing

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I sometimes get in the habit of playing the same situations the same way over and over - especially when I am multi-tabling cash games. I have been playing only 2 tables lately and concentrating more on each table. This is allowing me to try out a few new things and also reminding me of how important mixing things up is. I think I am going to drop down to two tables max any time I feel like I am getting in a rut or robotic with my play.

It makes you feel like you are playing your "A" game when you get comments like the ones below from another player at your table. :)

Seven Random Things

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MiamiDon has tagged me with that "Seven Random Things" thing that is going around. Please read all of this if you are having trouble sleeping. It will probably work a lot faster than counting sheep.

1. Sports Betting/Bad Bookies
I got my first real taste of gambling in high school when we went to the dog track with my friend's grandfather. I was hooked from the moment my dog crossed the finish line first. In college, I bet on football and basketball. The funny thing was every losing player thought they could be a bookie and make a killing - we punished them. Most of them had no clue how to pass off bets if they got too much action on 1 side of a game - instead they would jump the line, sometimes as much as 4-5 points in basketball games. Me and a couple friends used to punish them by betting both sides of the lines when the disparity go too high between bookies. One weekend, we won all of one side of the bets from the same guy. He finally paid us after calling his grandmother and getting her to cash in some CDs.

2. Online Poker Beginning
I moved from betting with bookies to betting on sports online sometime in early 2000s. I used to bet on WSEX and around early 2003 they opened up their first version of a poker room. I opened up the software shortly after they began offering it and would take some of my sports betting money and play Limit Holdem. I lost more than I won and it motivated me to do some research. I started reading 2+2 and RGP and sucking in every piece of information that I could find. I even bought Holdem for Advanced players by Sklanksy. I moved onto Pokerstars and then to UB when I saw that you could win a trip to Aruba. I immediately started winning a ton a tourneys (by pure luck and having a minor amount of knowledge on what hands to fold) on UB and even won an Aruba trip without knowing a lot of the concepts that are essential to tournament poker now. I thought I was great and didn't realize how horrible I was at poker until I went to Aruba. I was sitting next to TJ Cloutier and he said, "You sure do play a lot of hands." to me. I took that to heart and that one comment probably helped my game more than anything else.

3. Grey Hair
I first noticed some grey hair when I was 21. I used to pull them out. Fast forward to Age 34 and two kids and I would probably be bald if I pulled out all my grey hair. I think I recently passed the more than 50% grey mark. The grey will probably completely takeover by the time I'm 40. I would rather have a full head of grey hair than no hair at all though.

4. Other Countries
I have only been to a few other countries. My sister was in the Peace Corp and worked for the UN World Food Program. She worked in Nepal and Tanzania and I never visited either place. The countries that I have been to are:

Hong Kong - Three separate business trips while working on Disney's Hong Kong Hotels. I liked HK, but there were too many people packed into too small of a place IMO.

Macau - On one of the trips to HK we took a day trip to Macau to do some gambling. It was joke when we stepped into the first casino. The only game I recognized was Blackjack and the people were 5 deep waiting for tables. It was so crazy that there were places on the felt for observers to bet on players blackjack hands.

Mexico (Cancun, Tiajuana, Cozumel) - Tijuana with family when I was 22. Cancun/Cozumel on a cruise with my wife shortly after we met each other.

Aruba - UB 2003 tourney

Bahamas - Atlantis for honeymoon and PS tourney this year

Miami -(oh wait, that isn't a foreign country. It just seems like it sometimes.)

5. Underage Drinking Arrest
I was arrested for underage drinking about 1 week before I turned 18 (the drinking age was 21 already). A group of us were heading to a friend's house 2 blocks from the beach to celebrate my birthday (our excuse for a party that weekend). We had 6 cases of beer and stopped at a Convenience store to ice down the beer. Two undercover cops walked up to us and said, "Can we see some IDs, Here is our ID." as they showed us their badges. As they were taking our beer and about to take down our information, they said, "I sure hope one of you boys is 18 so we can take you downtown." We were all under 18 and I luckily made the cut by mere days. The cops released us to one of the guys' parents. The math never worked out. There were 5 of us, 6 six cases of beer, and 2 cops. Apparently only one of the cops turned in his reports - there were 2 cases of beer and 2 names turned in (mine being one of them). I had to write a 500 word essay on the evils of alcohol and my parents had to sign something saying that I had done 40 hours of work around the house. I somehow managed to write the sentence, "Alcohol is very very very bad for you and you really really really shouldn't drink alcoholic drinks ever ever because it is really very very very very extremely horribly bad for you to do so." in several different variations.

6. Soliciting on a State Highway
I was in a fraternity in college. One day we were collecting money to help prevent child abuse. It was fun, we were standing on the side of the road and talking to all the girls that stopped at the traffic lights. We had permit. Apparently the permit was not good for state or federal roads, which is pretty much every road except those in your neighborhood. A cop decided to give us all notices to appear in court for "Soliciting on a State Highway." I think that is what they use for prostitution. There were 7 of us and only 5 of us signed our notices. One of the guys was going to go to law school and did a ton of research. My Dad is a judge and I asked him what to do. He thought that the judge would immediately throw it out.

When we got to court our assigned public defender read the charges and said, "Soliciting on a
State Highway. You boys ought to know better than that." I am not sure what he thought we were doing but we told him the whole story. When the case got called the guy that was going to go to law school noticed that every ticket was signed and that there was thumb print on every ticket. No one ever gave thumb prints. We told the judge, they took our thumb prints and the case was thrown out a few months later after the prints didn't match. It just goes to show, some cops can be crooked even in the most pointless meaningless cases. (OJ was framed - just kidding)

7. College
I always made it to every class until the first exams each semester. I would ace all the exams, decide the classes were easy, and maybe attend once or twice a month after that. This lead to me finishing with a B average, but having a lot of fun.

It appears most bloggers that I would tag have already been tagged, so I'm not tagging anyone. The buck stops here.

I was having some template problems that I didn't notice until I recently bought a new laptop. I just put the template back up and everything seems to be working for me now.

Let me know how things look - if you are having problems viewing the pages, if things look funny, if you aren't allowed to access the site from work now, etc, etc

Bot or Human? Poll

Thursday, May 10, 2007

As a follow up to yesterday's post, I noticed that a mod named "nation" on 2+2 has chimed into the "NL Bots on Full Tilt" thread. He says the following:



I know chuck, the owner of full_tilting. I hesitated to write anything on the subject because he didn't want to draw more attention, but you guys are harassing him at the tables, so might as well prove you guys wrong instead of ignoring it.

Chuck is not using any form of a bot. He plays on full_tilting, and his friends play on the other accounts. They come over, play from the same IP address on different computers, and play exactly the same because they chop up all the profits. They sit next to each other and help each other out with difficult decisions, which is perfectly within the terms and conditions of FTP.

They are hard core grinders. They sit there all day to grind low limits and turn a good profit. Because of some player accusing them of being a bot, their accounts were frozen for the past month and a half, and they lost out on all of that potential profit. However, Full Tilt completely exonerated all accounts associated with full_tilting of any wrong doing.

Again, they're not bots or anything illegal against Full Tilt's terms and conditions. They are simply dedicated grinders who have developed a preflop and postflop style, and never deviate from it unless they have to adjust. They hammer new players and adjust for the regulars.

Now you know why they play so similarly; they play exactly the same. Chuck is a good guy, and to be honest, doesn't even know how to configure his virus protection; I had to do it for him. They play next to each other for motivation and chop up profits to reduce variance. Coming in every day, grinding, and sharing in the highs and lows makes it an enjoyable experience for them and is why they're able to grind for so long every day. It's a couple friends just shooting the shtt and putting a jihad on the 200nl tables.

tl;dr: They're not bots and they are acting within Full Tilt's terms and conditions.


ps: chuck has requested that his pictures be taken down from this thread, so if one of the Zoo mods could satisfy that request, he'd appreciate it. thanks.

I am starting to lean more to the side of NotaBot. I was hoping FTP would address this issue in one of threads - possibly showing/explaining how these guys are not bots and what measures they take to ensure that bots aren't being used on their site.

Create polls and vote for free.

Bots in FTP NL cash games?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I ran across a post of 2+2 today that is definitely worth checking out and also very scary if true.

I am not sure whether or not all the evidence is there, but the orignial poster seems to have done a lot of homework. I need to finish reading all the replies to the thread before I form an opinion one way or another.

Link to thread on 2+2.

Convention Fun

Monday, May 07, 2007

I can't remember the last time that I went 4 days without online poker. (I even played online when I was in LV last for the WSOP and when I was in the Bahamas for the PS tourney.)

I went to a convention for work from Thursday through Sunday and didn't play online poker the entire time. I did play in a charity poker tourney and consumed liquor like I was a freshman in college.

The charity poker tourney was scheduled for Thursday night from 10 pm - midnight. A group of us got back from a long dinner around 10:15 and were a few of the first people in the "poker room." The "poker room" consisted of several round banquet tables with table cloths. There were 20 plastic chips at each seat. I was trying to figure out what each chip was worth and asked the guy in charge. He said that they were each "1 chip" - didn't matter the color.

I asked how many people were playing in the tourney and he said that 50-60 had registered. About 35-40 people actually showed up to play. When I asked what the structure of the tourney was I received a blank look. After pressing further and asking when the blinds would go up from the starting 1 chip/2 chip, the guy running the tourney said, "We'll increase the blinds when we get down to a couple of tables and then again when we get down to one table. If there are still a lot of people let after an hour, I'll raise them - but I sure hope that doesn't happen."

The $30 entry made for a take between $1,500 and $1,800 and the fabulous amazing prizes were as follows:

1st place - a poker chip set and a plaque
2nd place - power saw
3rd place - a director's chair
4th and 5th place - hand crafted (crouchetted - sp?) coasters :)

We started with 4 tables. Every table had 8 or 9 people and our table started with 6. No big deal. We lost two players and were down to 4 players for about an hour until they moved players to our table. The players that they moved to our table each had more chips than the sum of the chips in play at our table - Fun!! Fun!!

I won't go into the details about how horrible the play was. I'll just say that this tourney made a bar room free tourney look like the NFL vs. Peewee football.

I busted out in 7th. I was in the BB with 35 chips and everyone at the table limped to me. There were 42 chips in the pot. I look down at 88 and shove, thinking that I probably have the best hand and someone with an ace with probably call me. The big stack folds (I'll call here seat 1), Seat 2 immediately flat calls leaving himself with about 25 chips behind, Seat 3 folds, Seat 4 calls all in with about 10 less chips than me, Seat 5 calls with about 30 chips behinds, Seat 6 folds leaving himself with 5 chips. Um, I guess the first preflop all-in that I had seen didn't scare anyone.

Four to the flop - two players all in.

Flop AKK - two players left in bet and call each other.
Turn 3 - again the remaining two bet and call each other.
River A - I'm dead; remaining two finally check; check

Seat 2 - QQ (had cold called into a dry side pot and a AKK flo)
Seat 4 - K10 (winner - he said he thought he was going to lose on the flop b/c he thought I had AK)
Seat 5 - 55 (was betting into a dry side pot on turn and river)
Seat 7 (me) - 88 (doomed from the start)

I tried to get a cash game going after the tourney, but couldn't scrape one together. Too bad, because it might have been just a little profitable.

Head Shaving

A good friend of mine was running the hospitality suite during the convention. (After daily trips to the liquor store, he ran through $1,600+ worth of liquor and beer during four days at a convention that had 80 registered attendees + guests.) On the last night they somehow managed to talk him into shaving his head for $1,000 collected for the scholarship fund. That was fun and entertaining to watch.

All in all a fun weekend - at least everything that I remember.

Brass Monkey, That Funky Monkey

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I think I need to start being a little more careful about what I say around my kids. My current cell phone ring tone is the Old School Beastie Boys song, "Brass Monkey." The song was stuck in my head last night.

I started singing the following, "Wherever we go...."

My 5 year old daughter completed the line, "We bring the monkey with us."

I can only imagine her trying to explain all the words to "Brass Monkey" to her Catholic School Pre-K teacher. (Not to mention all the other words/phrases that she might have picked up from me.)

Our 1 1/2 year old son is repeating just about anything we say now. The other day my wife accidentally knocked something over and said, "Oh, Shit!!" He immediately repeated it and has said it a few times since, although it does sound more like, "Oh, Sit."

One of his favorite things to say, that gets plenty of laughs in public, is "Oh, Man!" every time that he drops something or something breaks. At least we have been substituting words sometimes. I don't think either of us ever said, "Oh, Man" before we had kids.

Of course, some of the things that kids say (or how they pronounce words) can make for interesting party entertainment. A couple of years ago, when our friend's daughter said, "Frog" it sounded like "Fuck" and when she said "Tent" is sounded like "Shit." It was hours of entertainment asking her to tell everyone that came over that there was a "Frog in Tent" and then watching each person trying to decide what they thought she said. :)


Convention Poker

Yesterday, I heard that the poker tourney at the convention that I am heading to tomorrow is not being run by the party planning company that is doing everything else. Instead it is being run by a guy from one of the other chapters. It was added to the convention at his request because he had a lot fun that last time he played in one at a convention. (After all, how hard could it be to run a tourney at 10 pm with a bunch of drunk players?)

I wonder how that will go?
Cheap plastic chips or a chip set that someone got for X-mas, Father's Day, B-day, etc. mixed with a few other sets?
Convention type folding tables and chairs instead of poker tables?
Blind Escalation every 3 hands?

Someone mentioned to me that I might have to deal - I suck at dealing and really won't enjoy people telling me how to deal or the guy that has 3 Aces with a 10 kicker telling me that I need to split the pot when I push the pot to the guy 3 Aces with a King kicker.

It should be fun. :) I'll have a report when I get back.