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I qualified for the Friday Pokerstars $1,050 WSOP Super Satellite, but we had plans that night so I unregistered from it. I used $650 of the W$ to register for the Sunday super sat and sold the rest. I wound up busting out in the low 200s out of 1,100+ (paying 62 seats).

I shook off the bustout and managed to focus on the FTP $500k guarantee and make it somewhat deep. I busted out when I shoved KQ (short stacked) and was called by the BB's AA. The poker gods had to give me hope with a KQJ106 board. I finished 204th for $450 +/-. Lucko and N82 went pretty deep (109th and 96th, respectively) and they were both at the same table as me for a while late. (I think they both doubled me up too).

Not sure what to do next (about the WSOP), I saw that pokerstars was running a $360 - 6 max double shootout to the WSOP until Midnight. It was about 10:30 PM, so I registered. 1st gets a seat, 2-4th gets $360 back, 5th gets $88. I would up finishing 4th. Close.

I won't be partying Thursday night (7/5) when I get to Las Vegas. Instead, I'll be playing a live sat or 2. I know that I will still have a blast in LV even if I don't qualify for the Main Event. I'm not down right now, just a little numb. I think that I devoted way to much time to trying to win a seat. In hindsight, maybe I should have just kept playing cash games (since that is where the money seems to be - for me at least).

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  1. in '05 and '06 i spent countless hrs in satellites and qualifiers trying to win a seat into the WSOP Main Event. i got SO CLOSE each yr. but, always came up short.

    i still made the trek to Vegas for the WSOP for other satellites, tourneys, cash games, etc. i've never qualified for the ME or played in it. so, i don't know exactly how you feel. but, i know i was extremely letdown by getting within one player of winning my seat each year and not making it.

    i still made the best of it. i met sum cool people when i was out there during the WSOP including you, Lucko, Sprstoner, CC and many others.

    I enjoyed the hype which is the WSOP ME every yr.

    GL in Vegas and have a good time.


  2. Gay cooler in the $500k. I lost a couple huge flips and donked off a big stack. Oh well, it happens.

    I will try to head over to the Rio the 5th to see how you are doing.


  3. That sucks. I hope you are able to win your seat in Vegas!

    Matt Silverthorn

  4. You're still a superstar in my books. BUT Smokkee blows.