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Yes. I'm alive.........

AND, satellited (is that a word?) my way into the June 17th 100 seat guarantee Main Event sat. through a $26 MTT on FTP last night. Wow are those fields weak! When it got down to the final 18 there were 2 players at my table telling everyone: "only play really strong hands so we all have a good chance". You know, cuz we were all buddies by that point. Needless to say I was able to quadruple up from under 10k to right around 40k by the time the final table was set :)

So, the question is...

WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO >>> IF... scratch that, WHEN I SOMEHOW LUCKBOX MY WAY THROUGH THE FIELD of thousands TO WIN A SEAT?? Playing in the main event is dreamy, but 12k would be a nice summer bonus. Bonus/Main Event/Bonus/Main Event... argh. Guess I'll cross that bridge in 9 days, 22 hours and 17 minutes, not that I'm counting down the seconds with anticipation to play or anything.

3 responses to "12k in cash or '07 Main Event.... hmmm."

  1. Loopy!!! Loopy!!! Loopy!!!

    I thought you had totally given up on posting on our blog. When was your last post - 3,4,5 yrs ago? :)

    Congrats on winning your entry to the $535 super sat!!!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!

    Good Luck!! Take that bad boy down!!


  2. Wow... I didn't even know loopy actually existed... Congrats sir.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  3. if i ever win a seat this yr, i'm playing a smaller event and some other live tourneys in vegas.

    i think my dream of playin the main event is over and one with.