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I just woke up after a long night. It definitely hurts to bust out, especially the way it happened.

I had about 32k in chips and tried to steal the blinds with AJ with a 2k raise. There were 4 callers including Phil Ivey (pictured to the left with a lot of my chips) for a pot just under 10k. I pretty much decided that I was done with the hand unless a Jack came on the flop. The flop came J52. I bet 4k and Ivey raised to 8k. I really didn't think he would raise with a set. I thought there was about 33% chance he had a hand with a Jack, 33% chance he had an overpair, and a 33% chance he was trying to see how strong my hand was and take down the pot right there. I had him covered by (I thought about 16k) 12k and decided to push all in. He immediately called with top set (JJ). The turn brought an Ace, so if I had called his raise, all of the money would have probably gone in on the turn.

About 20 minutes later, I was dealt 1010 and decided to push all in for 9.5k against a early position raiser. He thought and thought and finally called a large portion of his stack with AQ. My WSOP was done when the Q came on the turn.

I appreciate everyone's support, but I am feeling pretty bummed right now. I blew away 32k in chips in about a 45 minute period. I really shouldn't have even played the AJ hand preflop and would have probably folded to Ivey's raise if I had less chips than him. There are a few interesting stories over the past few days - I'll try to post some of those later in the week.

6 responses to "Ugghh!!"

  1. Great job man. Sorry you are done, but well played. You'll be back at it next year.


  2. Sorry about the loss, but at least you got to play with Ivey! That would be sweet. It was fun following your progress.

    Matt Silverthorn

  3. now i got another reason to hate A-J. you got in an unlucky situation. you got to day two and got busted by one of the best players out there. at least it wuzn't sum schmucko like Phil Helmuth.


  4. No shame in getting busted by Ivey. I find he does bet his sets regularly as people don't expect it. He did that to Freddy Deeb a couple years back and Deeb made the same play you did. Tricky bugger.

    Great experience to add to your knowledge base... must have been a blast to play.


  5. Man...I'm still impressed...congrats on a great run...


  6. I agree with Trip. Great effort!