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I just qualified for the $1k WSOP Super Satellite on FTP tonight.

Dear cmitch,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
You have received an entry into tournament #19790012:

Name: $1K Thurs. Main Event Qualifier
Buyin: $1000.00 + $60.00
Date: June 21 9:00 PM ET

I am running out of chances to win my Main Event seat. I basically have three chances left:

1. FTP $1k Super Sat tonight.

2. Pokerstars $650 Super Sat on Sunday (assuming I qualify for it)

3. Live $1k Super Satellite at the Rio on 7/5.

Hopefully, I can take it down tonight or Sunday. (Fingers crossed.)

2 responses to "Running out of chances - WSOP"

  1. GL in the 1k. was hoping to see u take down the mOOk. Bayne is running away with the BBT.


  2. GL tonight! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    Alan aka RecessRampage