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I didn't play any cash games this weekend. I really haven't play cash games too much since I got back from vacation last week and I am trying to concentrate on mtts/winning my seat to the WSOP. I came very close to a big cash in the FTP $400k yesterday and got deep in a few other tourneys.

Friday Night
I didn't have enough W$ to enter the $1k Pokerstars WSOP satellite, so I played the 9 PM $80 sub-satellite to the Sunday $650 and wound up winning another W$650.

I played a few other small tourneys including the daily double on FTP. I don't remember exactly how I busted out of the 1st of the daily doubles, but once I did I found it extremely hard to focus on the other one. The payouts were very small in each tourney unless you make the Final Table (out of about 1,000 +/- players in each) - the real value is in final tabling both tourneys. FTPDoug has a post on pocketfives asking people's opinions on increasing the buy-ins to the daily doubles or adding new bigger buy-in DDs. I am all for them either increasing the DD to $26 (token) or adding a new DD with a buy-in of $75 (token).

Saturday Night
I played a pokerstars $27+rebuys sub-sat to the $650 again and wound up bubbling 4th out of 27. It awarded 2 seats and $475 cash for 3rd.

I also played the $109 6max mtt on pokerstars and wound up cashing 9th place - just short of the final table - cashed for $354.

My wife was at the beach for the weekend with a friend of hers. She made it back home around lunch time. I worked it out with her to play some of the Sunday tourneys.

I played the following:

FTP WSOP 2 seat freeroll (140 +/- players; top 2 get $10k WSOP entry). I went out very early in this one when an extremely freaky hand came up. (I am not complaining about a bad beat here - I got that out of my system last week) - AA vs. KK vs. AA - Button, Small Blind, and Big Blind respectively.

Pokerstars Sunday Million - finished around 1,300 out of 6,700 (1,080 paid) when my AA lost to AK all-in preflop. I shook it off and kept playing my "A" game in the other tourneys.

Pokerstars $650 WSOP Super Sat - I used some of my stash of W$ and played this tourney. I finished 118th out of 635 (paid 35 seats and I think next 10 spots got $650 cash). I had built a decent stack but was unlucky enough to get moved to a table with the chip leader (by about double the guy in 2nd) to my immediate left. Any time I raised preflop, he would raise enough where if I called it pretty much committed me to the pot. I wound up getting all-in against a mid stack with AQs vs. his 99 and was crippled.

FTP $400k guarantee - Finished 108th out of 2,765 for $553. I was cruising along and built a decent stack late, but the blinds started to get huge. I had about $28k left and shoved with a re-steal in late position with AJs and the button (with $78k) shoved over me. The early position raiser laid down his hand. The button had QQ. I flopped a Jack but didn't improve from there. GG me.

I felt like I played pretty good this weekend, but came up just a little short. I am probably only going to play mtts this week and try to play the 100 seat and 150 seat guarantees on FTP and PS, respectively.

It's strange, but I think that I do a lot better in MTTs when I concentrating on only mtts and not playing any cash games.

Good luck at the tables and good luck to everyone in Vegas.

5 responses to "Weekend Recap"

  1. Nice deep run in the tourneys! Especially in the 400k on FTP, that was awesome. I was gonna rail you for a while but then like 4 tables popped up and so I had to go to work myself... Either way, nicely done and good luck!

    Alan aka RecessRampage

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