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The WSOP Main Event is right around the corner and I haven't won my seat yet. I'm not getting discouraged yet. After all, I won my seat to the Pokerstars PCA this year in their last chance satellite. I, also, won my 2nd seat to the WSOP last year in FTP's 100 seat guarantee tourney. I think that I will probably focus on the WSOP sats over the next week and a half.

"Dear sportingimag,

You finished the tournament in 1st place.
You qualified to play in Tournament #51775993 and are automatically registered for it.
See Tournament #51775993 Lobby for further details.

If you choose to unregister from this tournament your account will be credited
with 1,050.00 W$."

I won entry into the Pokerstars Friday $1k WSOP Super Satellite last night, but am not sure if I am going to play that satellite or spread the W$ around to a few other tourneys. I might use W$225 to play the $225 satellite tonight to the $1k Friday Super Sat and try to pad the W$. If I don't qualify for the $1k super sat again, I will still have W$825 to use for the $650 super sat on Sunday and some additional satellites.

Below is my current (as of today) plan for satellites:

6/7/07 - $225 Satellite to the $1k Friday Super Sat
6/8/07 - $1k WSOP Super Sat - if I win another entry to it tonight
6/8/07-6/9/07 - Sats to the $650 Super Sat
6/10/07 - $650 WSOP Super Sat - if I have W$ left over after the $1k Super
6/17/07 - $370 WSOP 150 Seat Super Sat

6/7/07 - Might play a $281 SNG satellite to the $1k WSOP Super Sat tonight - ?? If I have time??
6/7/07 - $1k WSOP Super Sat - if I win another entry to it in a SNG ***EDIT: It looks like I will be playing in the $1k Sat tonight - won 1st SNG sat I tried.
6/8/07-6/17/07 - Satellites to the $1k and $535 100 seat guarantee Super Sats
6/17/07 - $535 100 Seat Guarantee Tourney

Hopefully, I can luck my into a WSOP ME seat sometime over the next week and a half.

Good luck to all those in Las Vegas and all those still trying to win their seats to the Main Event.

EDIT (just won entry into the FTP $1k tonight

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  1. good game plan Mitch. i'm sure you'll snatch up a seat somewhere. you always do.