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Doggone it, People Like Me.

Last night made me feel like calling Stuart Smalley for a pep talk. I mean it worked for Michael Jordan.

I was feeling pretty good heading into the night. I had a great attitude and was going to play solid poker - avoid fancy play syndrome in the early levels.

I played the following:

$1k FTP WSOP Super Sat - won in through SNG sat
$225 Pokerstars sat to the $1k - using my W$ and trying to add to the W$ stack
$225 Pokerstars SNG sat to $1k sat - again using the W$

I took some beats in all three and didn't come close to the money in any of them. I was happy that I didn't let getting sucked out on (with KK to 99 all-in preflop when deep stacked) effect my play in the other tourneys. I was playing well, but things just didn't go my way - that happens sometimes in poker. I had gotten short in the FTP $1k and was crippled after I had AK lose to a short stacks A9 All-in Pre. The same player finished me off when my 55 couldn't out race his AQ.

In the $225 SNG Sat on Pokerstars, I lost with AA early against a gutshot and probably lost the minimum after he caught. I shut down my computer after I raised enough to obviously commit myself with AJ and K8o shoved - who happened to make a straight flush.

I feel great that I was able to maintain a positive attitude in the face of all those beats - Thanks STUART!! I got my money in ahead every time last night and that is all I can ask for.

(Hopefully, my next post won't have anything to do with bad beats. If it does, I'll try to just keep it to myself and not post it here.)

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