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Friday, June 30, 2006

First things first. The DADI tourney was a great time. Good thing I signed up early since I didn't finished get all the TVs moved around until 9:20. I never managed to get much going in the tourney and wound up busting out 12th or 13th (paid 9 spots). Congratulations ScottMcM from DeadMoneyInc. on taking down 1st place. Let us all know when you will be playing a $215 event.

Below are a few links I think you should check out if you haven't already.

View from the Rail - JoeCarswald (plus two other guys that I don't know) started this blog after moving from Orlando (where I live) to Atlantic City. He used to write about poker and a few other things (although I really only read his poker stuff) for the Orlando Sentinel. Now he is working on being a mortgage broker/semi-pro poker player in AC. He was a regular at all the games around Orlando and made the games fun. Definitely go check out their blog and their archives - all of Joe's older articles that were published in the Orlando Sentinel are in the archives. GOOD LUCK IN AC JOE!!!

N82 (plus a lot of other random #s)'s Blog - Owner of website and a computer/internet genius. He seems to know everything that is going on in the online poker world at all times. There are always interesting posts on his blog, especially the trip reports.

Rizen's Blog - I'm sure you have all been to his site, but if not go check it out now. He is playing a WSOP final table today and has been dominating online poker lately.

Green Plastic's Blog - Taylor Caby (aka Green Plastic) is probably the most well know high stakes cash game player in the online poker world. He is the owner of (a poker training website heavily geared towards NL cash games). He started the blog about a month ago and it is off to a good start. I am intereted in seeing how things go for him at the WSOP.

I need to update the sidebar links and will do so soon.


Poker in HDTV

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am pysched. I have been looking for a HDTV for a few months and finally broke down and bought one yesterday. There were so many different types, brands, and sizes to choose from. About a month ago, I decided on the 42" Sony LCD Rear Projection TV. I must have been to Circuit City 10 times in the last two months. Last weekend I stumbled across the 55" version of the same Sony LCD Rear Projection HDTV and made my decision that it was the TV for me (um...I mean our family will love it). It is about 18" deep and still has the look of a Plasma TV.

My wife was going out last night, so I was looking forward to getting the TV setup after I put the kids to bed.

Around 8:30, I opened the TV stand box and started the process of putting it together. Two and half hours and 25+ "earmuff" phrases later and the TV stand was together. After all that fun, I didn't have the energy to re-arrange our bedroom, move our existing TV and stand to our bedroom, and install the new TV in our living room. So, hopefully tonight I can get all that done before the DADI event.

Tonight - Move existing TV, install new TV, play DADI tourney.
Saturday - Sometime between 2-4 HDTV cable gets hooked up
Saturday night - Watch HDTV until my brain explodes


I wish that I was in Vegas right now!! I am so jealous of all those that are currently out there!!

How do you work when the heart of the poker world is cranking up in LV as we speak?


Go sign up for DADI.


Tough Decision (Hand Results)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yesterday, I posted the HH of a tough hand that came up. I raised from the button, was called, flopped an open ended straight draw and a flush draw against a very aggressive opponent in 5/10 Short handed NL cash game, raised on the flop and was re-raised.

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to cmitch [5s 6s]
Seat 5 folds
Seat 1 folds
cmitch raises to $35
Villian (SB) calls $30
BB folds
*** FLOP ***
[7s Qs 8h]
Villian checks
cmitch bets $45
Villian raises to $110

I had to decide what to do between the following:
A. Flat call the additional $65 raise and see what the turn brings.
B. Re-raise minimum - another $65
C. Re-raise pot - $235
D. Re-raise around $400
E. Re-raise all-in
F. Fold

I asked the question because I don't think I played the hand the best possible way.

At the time, I chose option E. Re-raise all-in. My reason for doing this is because I had played quite a bit of heads up against this opponent and had made similar plays with overpairs or sets on draw heavy boards in the heads up games. He knew that I was capable of going all-in with only an overpair there, but also knew that I might go all-in with a set there. I wanted to get all the money in because I was at least a 52-54% favorite against most hands and the added fold equity made me a bigger favorite.

He thought and finally called with QJ. The turn and river were no help and I got stacked.

I think the best Option is D. Re-raise around $400. In hindsight, I think this makes me look a lot stronger. If he calls, I am putting the rest of my money in on the turn anyways. If he re-raises all-in, I'm calling. No matter what, all of my money is getting in there unless I can get him to fold and the $400 bet probably gives me the best chance of him folding.


Go sign up for the next DADI NL Holdem tourney now. There a ton of great added prizes.


Tough Decision - What to do?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I had a very interesting hand come up a couple of weeks ago at a short handed 5/10 NL cash game and have been meaning to post it here. I posted it on Cardrunners and got several different opinions from a lot of top players on how to play the hand.

I am on the button and have been playing pretty aggressively. I had recently played quite a bit against a very aggressive player (in the SB).

(6 max) - $5/$10 - No Limit Hold'em
Seat 1: Seat 1($877)
Seat 2: cmitch ($998)
Seat 3: Villian - SB ($990)
Seat 4: BB ($2,637)
Seat 5: Seat 5 ($1,835.30)
Villian posts the small blind of $5
BB posts the big blind of $10
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to cmitch [5s 6s]
Seat 5 folds
Seat 1 folds
cmitch raises to $35
Villian (SB) calls $30
BB folds
*** FLOP ***
[7s Qs 8h]
Villian checks
cmitch bets $45
Villian raises to $110

I flopped an Open Ended Straight Draw and a Flush Draw. I have position on Villian. I am a favorite against almost any hand but I do not have a made hand.

What is your move now and why?
A. Flat call the additional $65 raise and see what the turn brings.
B. Re-raise minimum - another $65
C. Re-raise pot - $235
D. Re-raise around $400
E. Re-raise all-in
F. Fold

I'll post what I did and my thoughts along with the results tomorrow.


I was getting a little bored of the cash tables and played a $200 H.O.R.S.E SNG on Full Tilt Poker last night. It was a pretty interesting table with Huck Seed, BodogAri, and PhatCat. I managed to eek my way into 2nd place for $480 and phatcat took it down after he said that he had never played HORSE before.

Nice job, phatcat!!


I only played two tourneys this weekend and didn't finish ITM in either of them. I haven't been playing many tourneys lately because I have been focusing on the cash games. Sometimes, I wonder why I play tourneys when the cash games can be so profitable. (Although, tourneys can be profitable, too.) At times, it can be frustrating to play for 3 hours and bust out just out of the money.

I have been playing a ton of short handed 5/10NL on Full Tilt this month and doing very well (I'll post those results at the end of the month). I decided to take a couple of "shots" at 10/20NL on with some of the profits from 5/10. I didn't fair so well - overall I wound up losing 1 1/2 buy-ins over 7 sessions. During one session, I lost $1,000 almost immediately when I got all-in preflop with KK vs AK (AK bought in for $1,000). I then lost another $2,000 when I got all-in on a rag flop with QQ vs. a very aggressive player that happened to have KK. Take those two hands out of the picture and I was break-even over 7 sessions of 10/20.

Poker and your perspective on the limit that you are playing is all relative. I wouldn't think twice about being down 1 1/2 buy-ins during a session very quickly at 5/10, because I know that I can make that money back. For some reason, 1 1/2 buy-ins at 10/20 ($3,000) seemed like a lot tougher number to overcome - even though I was still up substantially for the week. When I first moved up to 5/10, I remember it being very hard to swallow getting stacked. It doesn't even phase me now. It is all a matter where your comfort level is.

After playing one limit for a while, you start to get numb to the swings, but it takes time. I think that occasional "shots" at a higher level (with your profits) help for when you finally make the step up.

There seems to be a HUGE jump in skill level between 5/10 and 10/20. The relative number of weak players is drastically reduced (at least on Full Tilt). I think I will have to move sites whenever I make the move to 10/20. I'm not ready for the step up yet. When I do move up I want to be ready - both mentally and bankroll wise.

Lee (Bill Ivey) has been having problems getting numb to the swings at 10/20 and posted about it on twoplustwo. His post and the responses are pretty interesting.

Empiremaker2 (a great aggressive NL player) made a comment that shows these feelings and how drastic the swings can be:

"All it takes is experience Bill. I used to be scared shitless of 10-20, but now I win or lose 15k in just about every session and I don't think twice about it"

I think I will wait a while before moving up.


Unable to Establish Connection....

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Last night started out good. I worked my way through rush hour traffic and made it home around 6:15 PM. The kids had already eaten dinner and my wife was giving them a bath. She was heading out to a movie with a friend. After she left, I managed to finally get both of the kids in bed (and quiet) around 8:15. I made some dinner for myself - OK, I microwaved leftovers. After I finished my dinner, I was planning on playing three tables of 5/10 NL for at least 2 hours. (It is so much easier to focus when there are no distractions.)

Around 8:45, I got a call from Loopy. His internet connection (road runner) was down. He had just started playing a $50 PL tourney (lost his connection after 3 hands) and was wanting me to play the tourney for him until he re-established his connection. He said that he had called road runner and they said the problem was effecting his entire area but would be fixed shortly. I use road runner, also. I live about 10 miles from Loopy, so I didn't think that I would have a problem.

I turned my laptop on and tried to open pokerstars. "Unable to Establish Connection..." WTF?!? Noooooooooooooo!! How could this be true. My Cable TV was working - same network. I called Loopy and told him the bad news. My road runner was down too.

I sat there for a minute and didn't know what to do. I had pumped myself up for a great night of distraction-free poker. Man, I must be a degenerate. :)

Luckily, a new episode of the WPT was on, so I could get a little of a poker fix. Have you ever seen more bad beats or lucky suckouts in one episode?

Live Poker Tonight

Tonight, I am heading to what used to be my regular weekly game (UPC) before our 9 month old was born. I usually make it there about once every month and a half now-a-days.

They started a point system a couple of months ago and the top point earners get to play in a $1,000 freeroll at the beginning of July. I find it funny that I am in the top 10 point earners since I have only played once since they implemented the point system and some points are given out just for showing up.

It is going to be fun to play over there again since it has been a while.


No Happy Ending

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It has been three weeks since I hurt my back and it is still bothering me, so I decided to get a massage yesterday. It was my first time getting a massage. I got the deep tissue massage. A few people had me scared that a deep tissue massage was painful. I didn't know what to expect. Unfortunately, it was nothing like you see in the movies - no happy ending. :) The massage was awesome and I felt like a new person afterwards. My back is still not completely up to speed, but it did feel a lot looser afterwards. I would highly reccomend getting a massage to anyone that has any kind of back discomfort. I am sure a lot of you have some back aches and pains from sitting in front of the computer all day.

Pokerstars FPP Store Rules

I haven't been playing much on pokerstars lately, but this weekend I decided to take advantage of their 20% deposit bonus up to $120. I have racked up enough points for the 20" LCD Samsung monitor with 1600x1200 resolution. Our daughter's computer monitor isn't working anymore, so I purchased this one with my FPPs and we are going to give my daughter the 17" LCD that is on our home computer. I can't wait to 4 table with no overlap. I guess the FPP store is pokerstars way of giving their customers rakeback.



Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It is that time again for the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational (DADI) VII. This time the tourney is a $10 NLHE on June 29th at 9 pm on pokerstars with a lot of added prizes. The password is pokertrust. Go sign up now!!

Added prizes:

First Place: $215 entry into the Pokerstars Million.

Second Place: Will receive an iPod Shuffle, courtesy of, your destination for poker...on a Mac!

Third Place: Will receive 800 VPP Points*, courtesy of, where you can earn great prizes like chips, gift certificates and more just for trying a new poker site!

Fourth Place: Will receive 400 VPP Points**, courtesy of

The Bubble: Will receive 400 VPP Points**, courtesy of

Bounty on VPP_Dave: 400 VPP Points**, courtesy of

*Points are redeemable at the VPP store for various prizes, including $50 in or BestBuy gift certificates for the 800 points awarded.**Points are redeemable at the VPP store for various prizes, including $25 in or BestBuy gift certificates for the 400 points awarded.

If They Ban Online Gambling...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Loopy and I were discussing how crazy the proposal to ban online gambling is(yes, poker is lumped in there as well). What is going to happen next if they take away our freedoms and restrict access to the internet? It is the beginning of the end.

1) Internet poker is banned.
Since everyone in the US that isn’t vaguely familiar with the game seems to lump it in with sports betting and degenerate gambling in general. Regulations must be put in place to protect the large percentage of poker players that are unable to control themselves and rob banks to pay off debts.

2) Internet pornography is banned.
If the gambling thing went through, this will be a piece of cake! Porn is far worse for the family structure than poker and less people are likely to stand up and say: “I emailed my congressman to say I SUPPORT INTERNET PORN!” Plus terrorists obviously get their wild ideas about those virgins waiting for them in heaven from OUR porn websites.

3) State lottery laws revised.
All state lottery’s are now obligated to cut the percentage of money that goes towards education by 50% in order to pay the Federal Government a “lottery tax”. A nationwide powerball lotto is instated with tickets costing $250 (it’s actually $200+50). A new NLHE scratch off game draws huge numbers.

4) Website subscription and content regulation
Forced to unsubscribe from poker and porn sites, Americans must now subscribe to every other site online and sign waivers agreeing to content regulation by a new division of the FCC.

5) Government scanning of all email and web searches
After all - "I don't mind. I'm not doing anything wrong. I don't have anything to hide… really. What? I don’t!"

6) Cell phone / PDA tracking
Requirement to carry and register a cell phone, pda, blackberry, etc. tracked by the government. They must know where you are at all times just in case you are “needed” for something. If you are caught without your device you will be immediately detained and questioned without the presence of a lawyer under the newly created FUCK THE TERRORISTS AND THOSE THAT SUPPORT THEM ACT (FTTATTSTA-06) sponsered by McCarthy's grandson. We all hate the terrorists and if you raise questions about these new laws you must be a terrorist... or at least sympathetic to the terrorists.

7) Inner-Home Security Act introduced
All households required to install cameras inside home. Of course they won't be watching, but the cameras will be there just in case something comes up. This is the only way your innocence can be proven. They can be turned on at any time, but recording isn’t permitted without a court ordered approval. It’s for your own good… obv.

8)Howard Stern mysteriously disappears.

9) Everyone leaves!
Every sane American leaves for a country with more freedom. Top choices include North Korea and Iran. Throw Canada in there as well cuz it’s close. How cold does it get in Canada?

So, you can see we must fight the internet gambling ban. It is the start of the unraveling of our society.

cmitch and Loopy

National Write Your Congressman Day

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Poker Players Alliance and Pocket Fives are sponsering today as National Write Your Congressman Day. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act passed the House Judiciary Committee and could be voted on by the House in the near future. Please take the time to write your Respresentative and Senators and let them know that you are opposed to this Act.

It is easy just click this link and follow the instructions. You can send a form email or customize your email directly to your Representatives and Senators from this link.

Pocketfives also released a podcast today to help launch today's efforts.


Pocket Fives National Write Your Congressman Day
Poker Players Alliance - Email your Representative/Senator Link
Poket Fives Podcast Page

Below is a response from my Representative, to give you an idea of what we are up against. Please take the time and email them now.

Response from Ric Keller (R) - Orlando:

Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

As you may know, the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (H.R. 4777) was introduced by Congressman Bob Goodlatte on February 16, 2006. H.R. 4777 was referred to the House Judiciary Committee where it awaits further action.

While I understand your concerns regarding this issue, I must inform you that I support HR 4777. I believe internet gambling serves no legitimate purpose in our society, but instead is a danger to our society and families. Internet gambling is a growing cause of debt collection problems for banks and the consumer credit industry. This cost is ultimately passed on to the American citizens since banks are federally insured and the credit industry can pass its costs on to consumers. Unregulated gambling websites are a direct pipeline of dollars out of the United States into virtually unknown hands, making the financial services industry susceptible to criminal and terrorist activity and U.S. citizens vulnerable to identify theft and other personal scams.

Again, thank you for contacting my office. Please do not hesitate to contact me again at any time should you have any additional comments about this or any other legislative issue. Also, please visit my Web site at for regular updates.


Ric Keller

Member of Congress

...And I'm out

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I went out 18th in the Bodog/Pocketfives series. I got short when I had to lay down Kings on an ace high flop and then went out on the following hand. I guess he felt like he had pot odds to call

I have 1,580 in the BB and get dealt 1010
Blinds are 75/150
Button raises to 440
I push all in for 1,140 more
He calls with 68s (His stack was $3640 at start of hand - so if he loses the hand his stack is now 2,160; if he folds his stack is 3,200)
Flop - 893
Turn - 6
River - Q

And I'm out - GG me.

Sorry Drewspop. :(


The final event of the Bodog/Pocketfives tourney series is tonight. The top 27 players from the series are playing the freeroll that has some pretty good prizes:

1st - WSOP Main Event package worth $12,500 (can be used for prelim events)
2nd through 4th - T$270
5th through 9th - T$109

Bodog has put odds on all the players in this event. It looks like they just made the odds based on where each person finished in the top 27. The guys that came in 1st and 2nd are at 8-1 and the last seven players are at 30-1. There are some great values in this field since a lot of the players that finished in the bottom half of the top 27 did it without playing many of the tourneys. (I only played 4 or 5 and finished 24th)

Below are my picks for tonight. If I don't win, maybe one of them will and I will still win some money.

Dave118 (15/1)
RandyLerch (20/1)
bottsky (30/1)
c_Mitch (30/1) - couldn't not bet on myself

Thanks to Drewspop from Hometown Poker for having a little faith and betting $10 on me tonight. I'll try not to let you down.


You can bet on me at Bodog

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That sounds kind of strange, but it's true. Pocketfives ran a tourney series on Bodog every Wednesday Night and Saturday afternoon for the last two months. The series consisted of 15 $30+$3 tourneys. They awarded points for each top 30% finish and count your best 10 finishes. I think I played 4 of the tourneys and wound up finishing in the top 27.

The top 27 players move on to a freeroll on Wednesday Night, June 14th at 9:05 PM EST. The following prizes are going to be given away in the freeroll:

1st - WSOP Main Event package worth $12,500 (can be used for prelim events)
2nd through 4th - T$270
5th through 9th - T$109

The thing that I found most interesting is that Bodog has set odds on all the players to win this tourney. I am priced as a longshot at 30-1 in a field of 27 players!! It is a very tough field, but I am shocked that anyone is greater than 27-1 odds to win.

The odds can be found here - Bodog/P5 Series odds

You can bet this longshot (me) at that link above. Who knows I might get lucky and win the tourney and you can turn $10 into $300. My Bodog screen name is c_Mitch.


I got the pass from wife to play some of the Sunday tourneys and decided to play three of them. I played the Pokerstars $1 Million Guarantee, the UltimateBet $200k Guarantee, and the Full Tilt Poker $200k Guarantee. I managed to bust out of every one of them without finishing in the money. I don't think I was playing my best - maybe the lack of sleep Saturday night, the drinks at lunch celebrating my birthday, and my back pain all played a part. In general, I feel I was overplaying my hands and wasn't patient. I need to work on that. My final hands in the tourneys are as follows:

Pokerstars $1 Million - Overplayed AK on a K310 flop with 2 spades. I felt like one of the players was chasing a flush and got all the money in on the turn. One player was chasing the flush and he did hit it on the river. The only problem for both him and me was that the third player in the hand had pocket 3s and the 3 on the river gave him quads.

UltimateBet $200k - In the second hour I flopped an open ended straight flush draw and got all the money in. I had a ton of outs but didn't get any of them.

FTP $200k - I overplayed a hand against a medium stack and became a short stack. I went all in with AK. I was called by KQo. The KQ made a flush and I was out.

How would you play it results

On Friday, I posted a "How would you play it hand" and got a few responses.

Here is the hand description:

Last night, I decided to play the UB $100 buy-in $15K Guarantee tourney. There were around 160 players paying 20 spots. I had a decent stack for most of the tourney. As we got down to around 28-29 players remaining, the following hand came up:

Blinds 400/800 w/ 50 antes
9 handed table
SB - approx. 3,800
me in BB - approx. 8,800
Pot after antes, SB, and BB - 1,650
Cards dealt to me in BB - K7o
Folds around to SB, SB pushes all-in

Do you call or fold here? Pot size now approx. 5,000; you have to call 3,000 more

I think that I left out of couple of details. First major detail is that the blinds were about to increase. Second detail - I remember had to call approximately 3k into a pot that was over 5k, so I may have the stack sizes a little off. Third detail - the table was playing pretty aggressive and both the players to my left were in the top 5 in chips and making some loose calls.

I figured that the SB was pushing with anything if it was folded to him, since he was so short.

The average hand is Q7, so my hand was a little better than any random hand. (I was sure the SB was pushing with any hand.)

If I lost the hand, I would have a little over 5k in chips. If I folded, I would have around 8k in chips. If I won the hand, I would have around 13k in chips.

I decided that it was worth the risk to try to get the chips and called. I figured that I wasn't in much worse shape with 5k in chips than I would have been with 8k in chips, but 13k in chips would give me a lot better comfort level. The small blind turned over 95s and my K7 held up. I won the pot with King high. The SB stuck around and berated me from the rail for the call. I felt like it was a correct call in the situation - I had a lot more to gain than to lose.


How would you play this hand?

Friday, June 09, 2006

My back has had me out of commission for a few days. It is slowly starting to get better, but better is all relative. It starts killing me if I sit in a chair for a long period of time. I have been playing some poker on my laptop while lying on my back on the couch.

Last night, I decided to play the UB $100 buy-in $15K Guarantee tourney. There were around 160 players paying 20 spots. I had a decent stack for most of the tourney. As we got down to around 28-29 players remaining, the following hand came up.

Blinds 400/800 w/ 50 antes
9 handed table
SB - approx. 3,800
me in BB - approx. 8,800
Pot after antes, SB, and BB - 1,650
Cards dealt to me in BB - K7o
Folds around to SB, SB pushes all-in

Do you call or fold here? Pot size now approx. 5,000; you have to call 3,000 more

I'll post what I did and the results on Monday. I am interested in how everyone would have played this hand.


I planned on catching up with things by writing a long post this morning. My back had other ideas. I am getting old (34th birthday next weekend) and I guess it is starting to show. I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my back this weekend from picking up and putting down my 8th month old son. The pain is kind of ridiculous. I have a new appreciation for people with nagging back pain. Let's hope I don't become one of those people.

I went to the doctor today and she pretty much told me that I'm screwed. She wrote me a prescription for a muscle relaxer, a few stretching excerses to do, and told me to get a massage once a week. She also told me that it may take as long as 6-8 weeks until I am back up to speed. I hope to prove her wrong.


$50K Challenge

Since I managed to have an unimaginable week of poker at the end of May, I have completed the $50K Challenge (if you include the $10K WSOP seat).

I plan on thinking up a new challenge after the WSOP. For now, I am going to just set a number of hands played goal for June.

I plan on trying to play 10,000 hands of 5/10NL during the month of June and let the profits take care of themselves.


Hard Rock Tampa

Loopy and I headed over to the Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa to play the $240 MTT. Neither of us had any luck. Loopy and I were seated at the same table to start the tourney and I asked to be moved since we know each other. They moved me to another table - which was nice. At my first table, I pretty much treaded water. I didn't get any cards and wasn't going to take any chances because people were calling bets all the way with 2nd pair and making ridiculously stupid bluffs. (One guy went all-in to a $600 pot with his remaining $1,900 and didn't show his cards after the other guy called with the nuts.)

I was moved after about an hour to the same table as Loopy. I managed to double my stack until the table broke (after about 30-45 minutes). Loopy and I were again moved to the same table. A lot of the players at the new table had a ton of chips - somehow 6 people had busted from that table in the last 10 minutes.

I put an X on one of the guys with chips at my new table. He had been raising a lot of pots and placing contiuation bets on every flop. I get dealt AQ in the BB and call his early position raise. The flop is XQ5. I check and he makes his standard continuation bet and I re-raise his all-in. He insta-calls with 55. GG me.

Loopy busted out shortly after me.

I played a $200 SNG and busted out shortly after I was dealt THE HAMMER in the BB. There were a couple of limps to me and I checked. The flop came perfect K27. I checked and it checked around. The turn brought a 9. I made a 1/2 pot size bet and was re-raised. I went all-in. I was insta-called by a guy that was slow playing his KK. GG me. HAMMER IS NO GOOD - WTF?!?


Paradise $30 Saturday Night Rebuy

I felt like I played well but the blinds just ate me up late. It felt good to make the final table in a field of over 1,000. I am trying to put my finger on what I have been doing different lately in MTTs and have a few ideas. I am working on putting together a post about what I think I am doing differently.


I need to update the Bloglines links on the right and was going to do that today. I promise I will get to it soon.

I've got to go take a muscle relaxer, so I'll write more later.


Close, but no luck

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I played the $30 Paradise Rebuy tonight for the first time in a while and got close to a big payout - I finished 8th out of 1068 for $2k, so not all bad (was in it for 90). I never got much in the way of cards at the final table and finally had to take a stand in the BB. I'll post more details later.


Hard Rock Tampa Tourney

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I want to give a big thanks to TripJax for setting up the Bloglines on the right for me. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to trying to set that up.

There are several blogs that I need to add to the list. I'll update it as soon as possible.

Thanks for the mention PresidentDaveLee over at NavyGuyPoker.


Loopy and I are heading to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa tonight to play a $240 MTT. It has been a long time since I played a tourney over there, but from what I remember the structure isn't the best. I have a feeling Loopy is going to do well tonight - he is due.

The worst part about poker in Florida is the limits. The max bet for any game is $2. So, if I bust out early and Loopy is still playing I may be stuck playing $2/$2 No Foldem Holdem. Limiting the bets to $2 is the strangest thing to me. They have a $2 max bet game but some of the tourneys have $1,000 buy-ins?!?!?

I'll post the details tomorrow.