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Since, I may not be playing in the WSOP Main Event, I am working on putting together an Excel spreadsheet with a schedule of all the tourneys around Las Vegas between July 5th and July 13th.

Does anyone know of any tourneys that might not be listed on the sites below or any that I should especially check out (great structure, etc)? I'll probably include all $200 and up tourneys (maybe $100 and up).

The list should be complete later in the week. Let me know if you want a copy.

Bellagio - I added all the Bellagio Cup and Daily/Nightly tourneys.

WSOP - I have the 7 PM $550s and the Super Sats (anything I'm missing?)

Venentian - Their deep stack series will be over - I'll get their regular tourney schedule. - pretty complete list, but some out dated. - good list - not sure how recent it is.

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  1. I definitely would like a copy. Hoepefully neither of us will be using it at all though.