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I am starting to get the WSOP fever. It seems like everyone is enjoying and is excited about the WSOP despite Harrah's blunders - cards, lines, table numbering, shuffling procedures, etc., etc. I am restless.

I could just be feeling this way because it is my first day back at work after a week at the beach doing as much relaxing as you can with a 5 yr old and 1 1/2 yr old in tow. It might be seeing MrSmokey1 take down the first WSOP event and become the youngest winner of a WSOP bracelet. (A record that isn't likely to ever be broken since he is just a couple weeks past his 21st birthday.) I am wishing that I could make the blogger gathering this weekend in LV, but it just didn't work out.

I am all booked for my WSOP experience. My wife, her friend and I fly into Las Vegas on July 5th (seems like 1 year away instead of 1 month). They return home on July 9th and I return home July 13th (longer if things work out for me in the Main Event). We are staying at the Rio so that we can be in the heart of the action plus I really like the idea of being able to head up to my room and take a shower during the dinner break. I can't wait.

I am not sure of my poker plans from now until I leave for LV. I will probably try to play more MTTs than usual if work and home life permit. I find that my tourney game suffers when I am playing a ton of 6 max cash games because I get into the cash game thinking when playing a tourney. I start to continuation bet way too much, wind up playing too many large pots, and not giving other players as much credit for hands as I should (especially in the early levels). I will probably try to play a few WSOP ME sats over the next few weeks.

Razz - I was messing around the weekend (for a change of pace) with a little bit of Razz and was surprised by the poor play by some opponents - even at 20/40. There are definitely some solid regulars in the games, but also quite a few people that jump in without much idea of what they are doing. It is very easy to milk quite a bit out of some of the guys that don't know when to slow down, especially if you have shown willingness to lay down some hands to them. What started as a diversion has wound up being quite profitable. I think I will continue playing some Razz here and there when I am needing a break from holdem.

I'm worn out from the trip and being back at work, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to make the Mondays at the Hoy tonight or not.

Good luck at the tables, particularly those in Las Vegas!!!

2 responses to "Las Vegas Seems so Far Away...."

  1. Beach with kids is SOOO different.. I usually hope they want to dig in the sand.. but inevitably the ocean calls.. and then they get tired and run back to mommy.. then 5 minutes later Ocean again.. really about the time your dry so the ocean is cold to go into again. Hmm..


  2. My wife and I are ariving on the 7th, I am playing on Sun the 8th. We are staying at the Rio as well. We will have to get together for drinks.