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ThePokerMeister has organized a blogger freeroll on Seals with Clubs on Feb 26 (2 days from now) - go to his site for all of the details of the freeroll.

SWC is a bitcoin poker site that I have been playing on for a few months.  The traffic seems to be picking up and you can play legally from the US since you aren't playing with US$.  You don't have to even give the site any personal information.  Basically, you buy bitcoins (through a site like Coinbase), set up a swc account and send the bitcoins from coinbase to swc.  To cashout, you request the bitcoins to be sent to your coinbase account - from there you can use them as you want or cash out to your bank account.

It is easier than I made it sound - deposits usually take 15-45 minutes.  Cashouts take anywhere from 2 - 8 hours.

I probably made it sound a little more complicated than it is (forgot how to type more than 140 characters).  If you have specific questions, I can walk you through the process of getting funds on/off the site and setting up an account/software.

End Blogger Freeroll Shill - just like the old days for FTP and Pokerstars.