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Haven't forgotten LV trip report

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've been meaning to post a LV trip report but have been crazy busy between work and fun.  I'm currently in Hawaii and family is here now too.  Trip report might have to wait for one night when everyone is asleep or when I get back to Orlando.

I just got back from Las Vegas - pretty fun trip overall.

Played one WSOP event (#48 - $1,500 NL) and finished 125th for $4,100.

Trip report to follow some time over the next few days...........

Las Vegas Plans Booked

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll be in Las Vegas from 6/25-7/2.  I booked the flight with my airline miles (at least I'm getting something out of all the traveling I've been doing.)

I'll be staying at the Rio.  I haven't played enough to maintain my previous Harrah's Rewards status but I get got a decent rate on the room.

As far as plans go while I'm there, I'm pretty much going to play it by ear.  I'll be playing mostly cash games and may throw in a Venetian, WSOP, Binion's ME, or Casear's tourney in there to break things up.

Is anyone keeping a list of blogger dates in WSOP.?   Let me know if you are in LV during that time and want to me up?

Good Game. It was fun

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unless you've been living under a rock buried deep in an underwater cave, then you are well aware that Online Poker is history in the US.  I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I wanted to post about my feelings on the future of online poker.

This post isn't meant to give you an in depth analysis of the indictments or keep you up to date for the latest news.  For that visit some of the following:

@Kevmath on Twitter

Ck's Blog

Bill Rini's Blog

Plus many others on twitter, in the blog-o-sphere, on the forums, etc, etc. 

Future of Online Poker (IMO) 

I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer, but I think that there is a very low likelihood of online poker getting regulated in the US in the near future.  It is easy for online poker players to say that the DOJ's move to shut down the FTP, PS, and UB/AP is the first step of the government's larger plan to regulate and tax online poker.  The reality of the situation is quite different in my (probably unpopular) opinion.  This is not a calculated move by the government to get their piece of the pie.  It is, simply, the government shutting down what they believe to be illegal activity that has been consistently and increasingly flaunted in their face with the ever increasing .NET advertising in print, online, and on TV.  Simple as that.

Do I think online poker will be regulated in the near future?  I hope I'm wrong, but No. (maybe 5% chance by the end of the year)   I don't think it will even be discussed in legislative committees on the federal level until these cases are resolved.  The members of Congress that were on the fence on regulated online poker will most likely shy away from the issue because the average American doesn't know any of the details of the case.  All they see is "Online Poker sites shut down by the government because they are illegal."  We know that is not the true picture, but the average American doesn't.  These middle of the road members of Congress are going to realize that some of their constituents are going to see them as backing illegal gambling because so many voters are idiots.

Do I think online poker will ever be regulated?  Yes.  I would put the chance around 35% by the end of 2012 and increasing each year.  It may take some state's passing online poker bills and the federal government challenging the states' rights to offer online poker plus all the red tape that follows.  I'm not sure when or how this will happen, but I think that is the most likely way we get online poker - states allowing it and the fed govt eventually deciding it should be implemented and taxed.

It makes me sad to think of online poker going away.  I started playing well before most and have enjoyed it immensely over the years.  More in my next post......

The Venetian is running their Deep Stacks Tourney Series from May 27 through July 15.  I'm not sure which week I'll be in LV this summer, but I'll probably play at least one of these.

Link to Schedule of Events.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Online Poker
 I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.
Registration code: XXXXXX 780350

2011 Goals

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I'm keeping the goals short and sweet this year.

1.  Play 600,000 cash game hands.  I've been playing only full ring rush NLHE, so this shouldn't be that difficult even if I'm traveling a lot.

2.  Cash in a WSOP tourney (assuming I play one this year).  I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it to the WSOP this year because of work/family events in June.  If I do, I plan to play at least 1 tourney (maybe 2) and the first goal will be to cash.  The second goal will be, of course to make a deep run.

3.  Lose 35 lbs by WSOP.  The first 20 lbs should be pretty easy.  The last 15 will be the difficult part.  I don't plan to do anything drastic at first.  The only real changes I'll make is exercise more and eat healthier.

I'll try to update the status of my goals once a month.

Happy New Year!!!  Good Luck in life and poker in 2011!!!