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Going into the Mondays at the Hoy tourney last night, I decided that I would play it a little differently than I had in other blogger tourneys. I like the deep stack structure and decided to play solid the first hour or so and not get too crazy with pre-flop re-raises - basically flat call a lot preflop and try to outplay/trap my opponents post-flop. A few hours later, thanks to some luck, I took down the MATH tourney. (It was my first MATH win - other than a 3 way chop earlier in the year.)

Key Hands
- Deep stack allowing me to catch a flush. The lead out of the flop made me think columbo was weak any way, since I had bet preflop.
- Not sure WTF Jordan was thinking - shows the level of respect I get from him. :) - I get all in with a pair and a flush draw and hit my flush. I had Papi Justify covered by quite a bit.
- Pretty straight forward - BB Special. - Luckbox hand. I totally pegged swimmom95 as very weak after she bet 320 into a 1,520 pot. I raised up to 1,500 with two overs and a gutshot. She called. I hit gin on the river and she shoved with 3rd pair. I'm not sure what I would have done if she shoved the turn - probably folded. - Jacks are OK. - I liked having pushmonkey on my left. We both had big stacks and I was able to take some if his chips - with better hands most of the time.
- Again against pushmonkey. I felt that there was a good chance that I was beat and checked behind on the river. - Jacks are more than OK. I tried my best to disguise the flopped set against an aggressive Chad. I bet small on the flop and turn hoping he would come over the top - no such luck. I thought he might actually have a hand, so I bet big on the river - a mistake in highsight. I should have bet smaller to either get a call and induce him to shove. - Jacks are OK when your opponent shows weakness even with an A and K on board. - A good sign. I was dealt KK on the first hand of the final table. No action though. - Jordan chips up. - I'm getting short and take chances. I was hoping for 2 overs against HeffMike and it worked out. - LUCKBOX ALERT!! I limped in the SB with A6. Jordan was playing very aggressive and I figured his shoving range was huge. I decided (probably not the best decision) to double up or go to bed. I caught my 6 with A6 vs. AK. Weeeeee. That was great, but the best part of this hand was that I was able to slow Jordan down in later Blind vs. Blind hands.
- Win a race against heffmike (and knock him out) with my 77 vs. his KJ. - Jordan and I were in a lot of pots with each other all night. I finally knocked him out with my QQ vs. his A6. - I chipped away and chipped away at FishyMcDonk heads up. He was playing fairly tight for heads up. I figured we would have to get it in with two big hands or I would have to slowly grind him down. I wound up winning the final race with AKs vs. 1010.

I had a great time. Thanks for running the tourney Hoy.

10 responses to "MATH Win!!"

  1. Yup, I was playing HU way tight. Mainly because my cards were absolute crap. Way worse than "normal". GG man.


  2. congrats


  3. So overdue ...


  4. Great job cmitch, you dominated at the end there way to go. Nice playing.

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

  5. Somehow I thought you would end up holding a hand like A9 and calling a push... I think I outthought myself there open jamming 55 into a 10BB stack - I'm racing you a lot more often than getting you to fold.

    Anyway, it was an honor getting repeatedly pwned by you. :-)


  6. nice play with the set of J's against Chad.

    we're heading up to LV the weekend of July 14th.


  7. Aha! Now I think I've figured out who sabotaged my cable so I couldn't play last night...

    Matt Silverthorn

  8. Hey, CMitch. A couple of my hands, including my final hand, were just plain awfukits. I don't even know what I was thinking in the hands you posted. They definitely weren't my proudest moments, but thankfully, I was playing screwed down for most of the tournament, which allowed me to go deep enough and accumulate enough chips that I could donk a few hands (although not, clearly, the last hand which took me out). You played excellently, as usual. GG.


  9. bb special...nice. that's what i get for calling you down w/ middle pair and crappy kicker.


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