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Last Chance, Best Chance.

I played the Last Chance $650 Sat tonight and won my seat - woohooo!!

I'll post more tomorrow. I am tired. The tourney took 8 1/2 hours (It's 3:30 AM) I'm not quite sure how I will fall asleep!!

Below are my standings at each break. I saved a lot of the hhs and will probably go through them in the next couple of days and post a lot of details.

1st Break (I had to fold JJ in a bad spot and was relatively short - still plenty of room to work with the slow blind escalation)

2nd Break (Climbed out of the hole thanks to winning a race against a big stack)

3rd Break

4th Break

5th Break (In decent shape)

6th Break (Needing to get some cards)

7th Break (Bubble time)

I'll post the key hands later.


8 responses to "Bahamas Here I come!!! Wooohooo!!!"

  1. That is phenomenal! Congrats!

    Matt Silverthorn

  2. WP Sir! Congrats!


  3. How about the dude who ended up making $35 on a $650 buy-in. Brutal. Guess that is better than $0.

    Still, what is important is...


    Awesome news man...


  4. See you there!


  5. very nice Mitch. well played.


  6. Great job hanging in there. Nice comeback to get to da Bahamas!! Enjoy your time there and take lots o pics!


  7. Sweetness!


  8. VN! Congrats and I'll see you down there.