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Yesterday, I posted the HH of a tough hand that came up. I raised from the button, was called, flopped an open ended straight draw and a flush draw against a very aggressive opponent in 5/10 Short handed NL cash game, raised on the flop and was re-raised.

*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to cmitch [5s 6s]
Seat 5 folds
Seat 1 folds
cmitch raises to $35
Villian (SB) calls $30
BB folds
*** FLOP ***
[7s Qs 8h]
Villian checks
cmitch bets $45
Villian raises to $110

I had to decide what to do between the following:
A. Flat call the additional $65 raise and see what the turn brings.
B. Re-raise minimum - another $65
C. Re-raise pot - $235
D. Re-raise around $400
E. Re-raise all-in
F. Fold

I asked the question because I don't think I played the hand the best possible way.

At the time, I chose option E. Re-raise all-in. My reason for doing this is because I had played quite a bit of heads up against this opponent and had made similar plays with overpairs or sets on draw heavy boards in the heads up games. He knew that I was capable of going all-in with only an overpair there, but also knew that I might go all-in with a set there. I wanted to get all the money in because I was at least a 52-54% favorite against most hands and the added fold equity made me a bigger favorite.

He thought and finally called with QJ. The turn and river were no help and I got stacked.

I think the best Option is D. Re-raise around $400. In hindsight, I think this makes me look a lot stronger. If he calls, I am putting the rest of my money in on the turn anyways. If he re-raises all-in, I'm calling. No matter what, all of my money is getting in there unless I can get him to fold and the $400 bet probably gives me the best chance of him folding.


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4 responses to "Tough Decision (Hand Results)"

  1. For what it is worth, my first thoughts were to push as well. I'm not convinced that it is the wrong move.


  2. i agree, that's the best way to play it. no idea how he makes that call with that monster unless he's seen you push on a draw before(Q with a freakin' J kicker?) c'mon.


  3. Nah - I think as I said in my comment last post, and as cmitch realizes, re-reaising to $400 is the best.

    JQ is a pretty bad call, but then again, if JQ can call and win, how good of a bet is all in? =) Anyway, interesting hand.


  4. Also in hindsight, I like the $400 bet.

    This looks like Power, whereas the All-In is often viewed as a bluff or scare move.

    Great hand to evaluate man...