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I played a WSOP Step 4 last night and finished 7th. We were still 7 handed at 200/400 blinds (starting stack 2,000 chips). I was in BB and called a short stack all in for 300 more with KdQd against As4s. The flop came K38 with 1 spade, turn a spade, river a spaded. Suddenly I'm the short stack. I went all in a couple of hands later with 55 and got called the same short stack. He had A9 and hit a 9. So I was moved back to WSOP Step 3.

I played the WSOP Step 3 tourney and took first to move back up to WSOP Step 4 yet again.

I was the short stack when we were down to 4 players and 2 of the 4 players were playing scared (top 2 advance to Step 4; 3-4 replay Step 3). The big stack tried to push me out of the pot when I flopped top pair and OESD. My hand held up and my stack a little more than doubled. I was patient and picked up small pots here and there until I finally won it.

Back to WSOP Step 4 again.

This seems never ending. I'll update my progress.


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  1. Well, at least you are still up at a high step at this point. Keep at it and I am sure we will be reading about the win.