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I mentioned a few posts ago that I need a challenge to motivate myself to play cash games since they are more profitable than tourneys (for me at least). I was kicking around a few ideas - a monetary target, number of hands, specific ptbb/100 rate, etc. etc. I think that I finally settled on a challenge that will help me do a few things - put in a ton of hands (relatively), stay focused, remain at a specific level for a set amount of time, and prove that I can be profitable at different levels.

I am a part time player with a job that often requires me to work a lot of hours and I have 2 young kids. My poker playing time is basically at night after the kids go to sleep. The maximum number of tables that I can comfortably play is four. This all adds up to a monthly hand target that may seem small compared to a lot of players, but it is actually a ton of hands in a month for me.

So, on to the challenge. I want to achieve the following goals between now and the end of September (2 months):

1. Play 25k hands of 1/2nl 6 max in August.

2. Play 25k hands of 2/4nl 6 max in September.

3. Average over 5ptbb/100.

4. I will not move up in levels before I reach at least 25k hands played at each level, no matter how good I am doing.

5. MTTs - I will still play some mtts for a break from cash games, but won't play any tourney over $100 unless I satellite in.

I have done a couple of things to try to prepare for this challenge:

1. I haven't played much 1/2nl in a while, so I have been datamining quite a bit over the last week and will continue to do so.

2. I have been watching a ton of the cardrunners videos. It has helped to watch videos from all of the different pros and guest pros to see a lot of different points of view/how different people play similar situations. If you aren't a cardrunners member and you play cash games, you are missing out. Go signup now - you won't regret it.

I will probably start this Friday and try to get a ton of hands in this weekend. I don't anticipate the FTOPS getting in the way because I am probably only going to play 2-3 events.

I am doing this to prove to myself that I can beat each level. I will decide at the end of the September whether I will continue the challenge for 3/6, 5/10, etc.

I plan on posting updates on Mondays or Tuesdays.

**EDIT (in response to DP's comment; I'm sure a few others are wondering as well) :

He asked about me playing 25/50 a few months ago. It was actually 6 months ago - Feb. 25/50 was never my regular game - 5/10 was though. I took a few shots at 25/50 - finished down around $2k in the end. I went on a bad run in March/April at 5/10 and dropped back down to 2/4. 2/4NL has been the game that I have been able to consistently beat.

I spent a lot of time/bankroll in May and June trying to win my way to the WSOP without success. After that, I withdrew a decent amount of my bankroll and took it to Las Vegas. I did well in the cash games, but horrible in the mtts/super sats and wound up finishing up $800 on the trip (less than the total cost of the trip).

I do not want to make a large deposit back into my online poker accounts, so I am undertaking this challenge. I hope it accomplishes a few things:

1. Force me to play more cash games/less tourneys.
2. Keep me from jumping up stakes because I am playing/running well.
3. Rapidly build my online bankroll back up.
4. Prove to myself that I can maintain 5ptbb/100 at several different levels.

Thanks for the comment DP. I should have probably said all of this in my original post.

5 responses to "50K Hands Challenge"

  1. Wasn't that you I saw playing $25/$50 NL 6 max on FT two months or so ago? :)

    GL accomplishing your goals -- it will be interesting to hear about your progress.


  2. TY.

    I took a couple of shots at 25/50 back in Feb. I edited the post to explain.


  3. Best of luck with your challenge, think it is well within your remit as you can consistently beat the $5/10 games.
    Keep us posted with the results...


  4. If you make it to Stars $1/2 NLH 6-max, then bring it!

    Craig Cunningham

  5. Good luck, I am planning on putting in a ton of hands at 2/4 this month. Hopefully we both have a good ride. E-mail me some tough hands/sessions. The more tough hands I get to see, the happier I am.