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The FTOPS starts tonight with Event #1 $216 buy-in $500k Guarantee. I took a break from the cash games last night and signed up for the $55 Super Sat to FTOPS #1 (guaranteeing 100 seats). It took the place of the regular nightly $50/$50k on FTP. I had read on Hoy's blog about how the FTOPS #1 $11 turbo rebuy at 9:50 was a great value because a lot of the players don't rebuy and bust out before the end of the rebuy period, so I signed up for that satellite also.

I won my entry in Event #1 in both of the satellites. The 2nd entry paid $216 cash.

I jumped out to a big stack early in the $11 rebuy and bounced up and down as we got near the bubble, until the following hand came up. Blinds huge. One limper to my right. I shove with JJ (barley having him covered) he instantly calls with K9s. I'm not sure WTF he was thinking. The blinds were high, but that was a horrible play in so many ways - the limp, the overcall, etc. I felt good when I flopped a set. That feeling quickly went away when the turn brought him a flush draw. The river was a beautiful Jack - DEM QUADS BITCHES!!!!!!!


I took a chance late in the $55 super sat. I had a below average stack with about 280 players remaining (150 seats). A player in middle position (he had been raising almost every hand, but still had a little less than average stack) made it 3 times the BB. I shoved with 99 on the button. He had to call a little more than double his bet, but making the call would leave him around 5 Big Blinds. He instantly called with KQs. My nines held up. I coasted from there without any danger of not winning a 2nd seat.

Good Luck to everyone that is playing in the FTOPS tonight!!!

5 responses to "FTOPS Starts Tonight & FTOPS #1 Super Sats"

  1. Any idea where the phrase Dem Quads Bitches came from? Seen it in tonnes of blogs, and was hoping for a bit of a history lesson....


  2. Yep. Maigrey came up with that in Vegas during a blogger get together. Too lazy to try and find the original post(s) which mentioned it, but this is her blog:

    Garthmeister J.

  3. GL, Mitch!

    Matt Silverthorn

  4. I was in the $11R and couldn't get nearly on the roll that you did. Congrats. That was probably my last donation on Full Tilt for a while.


  5. i played the $55 sat to FTOPS #1 last night also. but, couldn't win a race. lost back2back coin flips to the same donkey. weeee

    GL tonight