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I played a 1/2 HU cash session vs. Brian Townsend on Friday (see Thursday's post for details).

I can now tell everyone that, lifetime, I run at 19ptbb/100 vs. aba20. :)

Link to Download video;8411706;/fileinfo.html
(I think that the picture will be a lot crisper if you click the download now instead of watching it on their site. It is a 40MB windows media player file.)

I couldn't get the sound to go any louder, so you may have to turn up the volume pretty loud to hear it.

After watching the video, I think that I played pretty weak-tight and my commentary was lacking. The commentary mainly consisted of me stating the obvious. I should have gone into my thought process more.

There were a lot of flops that I should have lead out or check/raised him on - with or without a hand. He obviously wasn't hitting every flop. I was trying to play small pot poker.

I think that several things effected the way that I was playing (and shouldn't have):

1. Not wanting to look like an idiot on the video. :)
2. Playing against one of the best.
3. A little strange video taping - I folded a few hands preflop that I shouldn't have because I was distracted.
4. I had just watched a heads up cash video by Taylor. He was dominating the other player and didn't make a whole lot of moves without hands because his opponent was bluffing him a ton. He could pick his spots against that player. Brian wasn't playing this way and I gave up way too many pots that I should have taken stabs at.

JJ Hand in video
I felt like I had to be ahead of his range. My initial gut reaction was to shove all-in. He could have been re-raising me with any Queen, a lot of pocket pairs (Q62 flop), or a flush draw. I went with my gut and shoved and got lucky.

QJ 4 bet preflop
I was aware that I had been playing pretty weak the entire match and I hadn't 4 bet preflop. I 4 bet thinking that I am taking that pot down right there most times. He pretty much has to either shove or fold to my 4 bet and my hand has to look huge to him. There isn't much he can play there.

Please give me feedback/tell me I'm weak-tight.

Pokertracker stats from session

6 responses to "Video of Cash Session vs. Brian Townsend"

  1. Everyone knows you're weak/tight; do I really have to watch a 40MB video to find more evidence?

    Craig Cunningham

  2. btw, congrats on pwning the man!!!

    Craig Cunningham

  3. Yo... Watched the video... Even though not too much happened, I still enjoyed.. My couple of thoughts... of course not coming from a NL guy nor a HU guy..

    First.. JJ hand.. I thought the shove was the right move as well. One thing I always say.. if you think you have the best hand and can pull the trigger, you did the right thing... don't worry about the results... sure, he had top pair... not that good of a kicker though... he didn't have to call. But you do have to love that river card.

    Otherwise, in general, I thought you were giving him way too much credit on his preflop raises. He was raising problaby 3 out 4 don't think? I would have tested him a little more by mixing up leading out and check raising (even w/o hitting flop).

    I also thought flat calling was in order on a bunch of your premo hands. He is aggressive enough to keep throwing out the c-bets.

    Anyway, for what it is worth, I enjoyed it.


  4. Where can we see his side of the commentary.


  5. River TripJax does it again (yes I know it was a set, but not as fun to say for me).


  6. Hey guys... Why can't I find that '12huvsbt' named file on filefront? I click on your link and it's a blank for me...

    damn :P