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I'm going to make this a quick update. I haven't had time to go through all the hand histories, but will post a few.

I think a couple of people might be confused about the 50K Hands Challenge. It was always going to be a combination of 25k hands of 1/2nl and 25k hands of 2/4nl - not all 50k hands at 1/2.

I think that my poor results at 1/2nl were due to a combination of running pretty bad, trying to run over players, and getting a little bored with 1/2. I even started playing 6 tables at times which is something I have never been able to do comfortably.

With all that in mind, I decided to move on to 2/4nl 5k hands earlier than planned. I have always been most comfortable/profitable at 2/4 and was anxious to get back to my "regular" game. - Was hoping to c/r flop, turn was horrible, and the other guy folded to my bet when the nuts were on the board - gotta luv it. - Bad read by me to suckout on Lucko. Sorry Lucko. - Unlucky

50K Hands Challenge
Hands Goal - 25,000 hands in 1 month; 5 ptbb/100 (stopped at 20k hands)
Hands Current - 20,101 hands; 1.75 ptbb/100
1/2nl current profit/loss = +$1,410

Hands Goal - 25,000 hands in 1 month; 5 ptbb/100
Hands Current - 5,733 hands; 9.02 ptbb/100 (obviously running very good)
2/4nl current profit/loss = +$4,167

Total current profit/loss = +$5,577

OVERALL GRAPH TO DATE (8/1 - present)

GRAPH OF 2/4NL TO DATE (8/1 - present)

GRAPH OF 1/2NL TO DATE (8/1 - present)

I'll get into the detail of more of the hands on my next update.

6 responses to "50K Hands Update - Halfway There"

  1. Welcome back to 2-4NL. Seriously... 1-2NL? You'd have to be REALLY disciplined to play 1-2NL for that many hands, considering you already know (with or without this challenge) that you are better than most 1-2NL players.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  2. wow.. what a difference... so.. what IS the difference.. more levels of thinking once you get to 2/4 from your oppenents?


  3. Will,

    I don't there that there is a huge difference between 1/2 and 2/4. I think that I just ran bad at 1/2 and have been running good at 2/4.

    It boils down to the fact the I am comfortable at 2/4. I have logged more hands at 2/4 than I have at any level. I can get into a zone and focus more, have played with a lot of the regulars, and have a good feel for how to play against most of them. Plus I was running really really good. :)


  4. Thats pretty nice results for 5k hands thus far. :)

    You think buddy had the auto fold button checked so when you bet it insta mucked him? thats only reason anyone folds that i ever see in that spot.


  5. I'd be interested in your exploring the "getting bored" part, as I think this is more common than most players would like to think. I've been actually bouncing around at different stakes fairly regularly to combat that, but it would be great to hear you dive into that more.

    Craig Cunningham

  6. you're pwning this challenge Mitch.

    i know what you mean about boredom at lower levels. i'm trudging along at 100max on Bodog. i can't wait to get back to 1/2 & 2/4. i'm not willing to put any more money in Bodog to move up. just grinding my way up.