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I am planning on playing a few of the FTOPS V tourneys. I can't usually play during the days on the weekend, so a few of the events are out.

It looks like the NL Holdem (without rebuys) tourneys bookend the schedule. The middle of the schedule seems like it needs a NL tourney. A few of the rebuy events could get extremely pricey and are definitely out of the limits that I would be willing to play. I think I would need to go into a $300 6 max rebuy with at least 8-10 buyins ($2,400 to $3,000). It will be interesting to see how weak some of the rebuy fields are though. FTP is running satellites to the rebuy events and satellites that get you into all the events. The only problem is, a lot of the players don't have the bankrolls for the rebuys. They are going to be dead money and the good rebuy players will tear them apart.

I will probably try to play the following events:

Event #1 - $216 NL - $500k guarantee
Event #3 - $216 PL - $200k guarantee
Event #7 - $1,060 NL 6 Max - $1M guarantee
Event #12 - $2,620 NL 2 day event - $600k guarantee
Main Event - $535 NL - $2M guarantee

I played a couple of satellites last night. I bubbled the $26 Event #1 satellite for around $80. I did manage to win my way into the 2nd biggest buy-in FTOPS event (Event #7 - $1,060 6 Max) by winning a $26 turbo to a $163 turbo. The $163 turbo gave away 3 seats and I managed to get one of those seats. I may try to win another seat to Event #7 since they give you cash for additional wins.

On big complaint that I have about the FTOPS is that they aren't running very many satellites to their biggest buy-in tourney (Event #12 - $2,620 NL 2 day event - $600k guarantee). The only satellite currently on the schedule is a $216 satellite the night before. The really need to add a few more.

3 responses to "FTOPS V"

  1. Great job winning that $163 turbo sat to Event #7 man. I got coolered pretty bad for hand #1 in that thing didn't I? What was it, my AQ on the button running into KK or something like that? Anyways that's a great job, I am jealous of you already being in that 1k buyin event. Best of luck!

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

  2. Congrats on the satellite win and good luck in the tourney!

    Matt Silverthorn

  3. the top 2 buy-in events for FTOPS are going to be extremely difficult fields. Best of luck.