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About a month and a half ago, I made a post about the new increased poker limits and how the Seminoles had found a creative way around the $100 max buy-in no limit games. Their work around only lasted about 5-6 days before they were forced to go back to $100 max buy-in cash games. I was hoping that they would have kept the increased limits, but wasn't too worried because of the upcoming deadline on their negotiations with the State of Florida. I don't think that they were too worried either.

The Seminole Indians current agreement with the State of Florida allows the following games:

Poker ($5 max bet in limit games/$100 max buy-in no limit games) - these are also allowed in several dog and horse tracks around the state, but in a more limited fashion (time restrictions, etc.)
Bingo Style Slots - At first glance, the slot machines appear to be real Las Vegas style slot machines. In reality, they are complex bingo machines cleverly disguised to look like real slots.
No Table Games
No Sports Betting

Late last year, Broward County (near Miami) voters approved an amendment allowing Las Vegas Style slot machines in their horse tracks - considering Class III gaming. Blackjack, roulette, craps, etc. falls into the same Class III gaming category.

The Seminoles immediately appealed to the state to allow them to add Las Vegas Style slots. Governor Jeb Bush's office ignored the request, so they sued the state through the federal government (Justice Department). When Crist was elected governor, the Justice Department told his office to work out a deal with the Seminoles.

In late June, the Justice Department gave the State of Florida a 60 day deadline to work out a deal with the Seminoles or they would make a decision. The Seminoles asked the Governor's office to allow them to have full Class III gaming and in return the state would get a share of the revenues. If the Justice Department ruled on the case, the Seminoles would at a minimum get Las Vegas Style slots and possibly full Class III gaming without the state getting any revenue.

A couple of days ago, the Miami Herald had an article saying that Crist and the Seminoles had worked out a deal that would allow full Class III gaming. Wooohoooo!!!

A quote from the Miami Herald article:

"In closed-door negotiations with the Seminole Tribe, Gov. Charlie Crist has offered the tribe permission to run Las Vegas-style slot machines at its casinos as well as the exclusive right to run Las Vegas-style card games, like blackjack and baccarat, according to people close to the administration.

In return, the state would get something it has coveted: a piece of the tribe's action from gambling. The tribe pays no state tax because it is a sovereign nation."

"Crist said last week that his top priority in negotiations with the Seminoles is to get as much money as possible.

''We are negotiating with them aggressively because to not do so I think puts Florida taxpayers in a bad situation,'' he said.

''Those additional revenues could help in education, they could help in health and human services and in some areas we're going to need some help in,'' Crist added."

It looks like Florida will have full casino gambling within the next few months. Maybe this will lead the way to some major poker tourneys being held in Hollywood (near Miami) or Tampa. That would be awesome. I am crossing my fingers hoping that it means that 2/5, 5/10, and 10/25 nl games will start being offered. Hopefully, they don't forget poker with the craze of the new table games.

It will be interesting to see how this increases tourism in Florida. Beaches, Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens, Blackjack, Poker - sounds like a vacation with everything for both the kids and adults.

Who knows, a few years from now Florida may be giving Las Vegas a run for it's money.

2 responses to "Florida - The New Las Vegas? ("Real" Casinos)"

  1. congrats on the deep run in FTOPS the other night mitch...


  2. With all the tourism in Florida it's absolutely ridiculous there is not full scale gambling.

    What a gold mine for the state if all those thumpers look at the dollar signs instead of imposing their morality.

    Someday man.

    Miami Don