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I have been a member of Cardrunners for a while. I think I joined the site a about 1 1/2 years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that the site dramatically improved my game and continues to help me in improving my game.

I don't have any ads on this blog other than a referral text link to cardrunners. CR has a points based referral system. You can use the points for things like Itunes gift cards, membership extensions, Cardplayer subscription, Best Buy Gift Cards, Ipods, etc.

I have been saving the points for one thing - "Taped HU session with a pro and we will send you the video and/or post it for others to critique (if you want)."

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I finally had enough referral points for the HU taped session with a pro. I emailed them and included a list of the pros that I would like to play in order of preference. I put Brian Townsend at the top of the list. I didn't think there was any way that I would wind up playing the match against him. I assumed I would get one of the other pros - which would have been fine, also.

I got an email from Brian a couple of days later to schedule a time for the match. After a few back and forth emails and getting our schedules lined up, we are going to play 1/2nl hu tomorrow (Friday) at 4:30 EST on pokerstars. I didn't have any cash on stars, so I moved a few buy-ins over there from FTP.

I plan on recording the session. I'll post a link to the video after I upload it.

HU cash games are probably the weakest part of my game. I am looking forward to the match and Brian's video/comments on how poorly I am playing against him. I hope to learn a lot about my game from a great player's POV. I am crossing my fingers that the lesson isn't too expensive.

***EDIT: My stars sn is sportingimag

12 responses to "HU Cash Game vs. Brian Townsend"

  1. Nice man, good job. Can't wait to see the video -- wish I could be there live but some of us have this habit of working. In offices that aren't so keen on online poker being played during business hours.

    Good luck!

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

  2. That is awesome!!!! I too will be in line to watch that video.


  3. We have to get together for broadcasting on BD/IT radio some day. You can get a hold of me at blog at

    I look forward to the video and the comments therein.

    All my best!

    Sean aka Instant Tragedy

    Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean

  4. Awesome, own that donk!!!


  5. Cool. Time to practice with Fuel.


  6. your ps name so i can watch plz


  7. Can't wait to see the video either!

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  8. that is so cool! i just watched some of the free videos and was very impressed. good luck, and i look forward to watching the video!


  9. Yeah, you should practice with Fuel--then you could build your bankroll to $5k before the match!

    If you feel panicky around 3:00, don't email Sammy Farha to play on your account. GL!

    Craig Cunningham

  10. Sweeeeeeeet.

    please dont call what ever he raise czu your openended!


    a great learning experience!

    nice job!


  11. damn i just read this (sat a.m.). hope the match went well. looking forward to the video.


  12. After a short absence last year, it seems like Townsend is back and dominating high stakes poker once again.