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I played my first Heads Up Challenge match tonight against Mike_Maloney. I wasn't looking forward to playing heads up after my recent weak-tight hu cash performance caught on video.

The match is a best 2 out of 3 and we played $20 regular hu sngs on FTP.

I got behind quickly after losing the first match. I was betting a lot early in the 1st match and Mike was calling me down very light. I started to get a little frustrated and then figured that I could use it to my advantage. I decided to sit back, bet big when I had a hand and try to trap with some monsters. It worked out well, but Mike also got into some tough spots with hands that are usually monsters when heads up.

I won the next two matches and moved onto Round 2. Hopefully, I can carry the horseshoe to Round 2.

A few hands:

Match 1 - Not sure why he called the flop bet. We both made runner runner flush (luckily on a paired board) and my flush was lower. - My demise in the 1st Match.

Match 2 - I got disconnected after he re-raised me all-in. I was looking at a frozen screen trying to hit the call button for about 30 secs before I luckily got reconnected. - Had him on the ropes. Got all in hoping that he had a flush draw. - Reverse timing tell. I tried to do the old "wait a while before betting when you are strong" as a bluff. I didn't really have the 5 like I told you Mike - sorry for lying. :) - If he raises this turn, I definitely have to fold. - I had kicked up the aggression and had been shoving on a few hands. I was hoping that he might get frustrated and call with something like 2nd pair.
- Unlucky turn for him to end match 2, but really bad shove imo.

Match 3 - Making my earlier bluffs pay off.
- good river for me. I have to fold to his bet on almost any other river card. - I checked the turn thinking that he might try to rep the flush if it hits. I felt like there was more value in trying to hit my hand than betting the draw. Lucky for me that he was trying to trap me with his straight on the turn and I hit the nut flush on the river.

GG Mike.

5 responses to "HUC5 - Round 1"

  1. Wooo hooo, I'm in the hand history! :)

    Nicely played.

    Also, I just saw your video against Townsend. I actually don't mind that shove with JJ. He's kind of a donkey for calling with top pair 10 kicker considering the amount of strength you showed. I mean the only hand he could've put you on to justify the call is JJ or AK... All other reraising range (considering, I thought you were playing fairly tight) would be AA, KK, QQ, AQ. But believe me, I'm not saying BT is a donk... I'm just defending your play there.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  2. Looks like I'm your opponent for round 2. I've got a busy Labor Day weekend scheduled, so maybe we can plan for Tuesday?



  3. You lying bastard. :)

    Well played. So annoyed my bluff got ruined by your 2 pair on the river.

    Mike Maloney

  4. That definitly seems like a weak tight line to play his K4dd vs ur 55. Pair and nut flush draw?

    Yot got lucky.

    I'm assuming you were playing kinda aggro at this point cause if u were playing like you did in the BT hu cash maloney would be raising here alot i think. He probably wanted to hit his draw and hope the ace helped you.

    or i just like to hear myself think :P


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