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A few months ago I received an email from Loopy inviting me to start blogging with him on O-Poker. I wasn't really sure about it at first. I didn't think there were very many people that read poker blogs. I decided to jump in and join Loopy. I was still skeptical as can be seen in my first post.

I figured that I would post every couple of days and Loopy would also - between the two of us we would keep things fresh. Well, it is now a few months and 70 posts later. Loopy has posted exactly 11 times. The last time he posted was 11/21/05, almost exactly 1 month ago. It was never my intention to take over the blog. I hope Loopy does not feel that way. I am interested in what is going on with your poker. I think both your poker playing and your new poker business idea are interesting and am eagerly awaiting your next post.

So, LOOPY, I am calling you out.

We need a Loopy post!!!


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