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Yep, you read that right. I won a $5 Gas Card! Woohooo!! Well, I actually won an IOU for a $5 Gas Card because they didn’t have any with them. Paul (Loopy), his wife (Piper) and I went to a local BBQ restaurant and played a free tourney. Nothing better than BBQ, beer, and poker – free poker at that.

It was a pretty interesting collection of players (um, I think the term player still applies) as you can imagine. The free tourney is weekly and it seemed like there were a lot of regulars. They had 6 full tables and probably 10 alternates – about 70 players total. First prize was a pair of Orlando Magic Home Game Tickets and second prize was some pretty cheesy poker lights.

I know I didn’t mention anything about anything Gas Cards as a prize. This was a surprise when I won it. It turns out that if your Aces get cracked, by say K9s, with all the chips going in preflop then you win a $5 Gas Card. Several players informed me of this after the King came on the flop and the 9 came on the turn. Mr. K9s had me covered by about 100 chips after putting in 1,300 chips against my Aces. So, I came out $5 ahead. Well, I kind of came out $5 ahead since all I have is an IOU for a $5 gas card. Mr. K9s went on the finish 3rd (bubble) in the tourney. He chipped up pretty good when down to two tables when his Q3 beat Piper’s AK.

Piper played very well and wound up finishing 8th when her 44 (in the BB) couldn’t beat 89. (The guy with 89 had just bet all in into a dry side pot on the previous with 44 on a flop of K107. ) She wins that hand and Loopy and her might be at the Magic game.

Loopy had a good point about the free BBQ tourney. It is great experience at playing against unpredictable fisheys. He, also, said that it is great for people that actually play poker, because the lucky fish start to think that they are great poker players and start playing in the home games or online.

Some of the comments that I heard at the tourney:

“He won with Ace high. Man, I haven’t won with Ace high since last week.”
“Why does he win?” – “He has a straight, you have top pair.”

Some of the things that I saw during the tourney:

22 beating AA (guess he got a gas card too)
All in early with bottom pair vs. middle pair
Limping with KK in early position then calling huge raises on Ace high flop
Final 3 – Limp on the button with 99 and ridiculous blinds
Too many others to remember

It was a fun free tourney with nothing to lose and everything to gain – Magic Tickets, cheesy poker lights, $5 gas card, and a nice buzz. I will definitely be back.


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  1. It was a very interesting night indeed!

    Piper made a helluva run to make the final table but couldn't bet a guy off of 8/9o in order to chip up huge. She would have been in great shape and probably could have tightened up and cruise to the final two. Oh well, next time!