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Yesterday was Day 2 of my Heads Up Step Challenge. (Click here - Heads Up Step Challenge for the details.) I got off to a very, very slow start, but things picked up at the end of the night.

Session 4-8 (-$105)
I lost five $21 heads up SNGs in a row. I played great in 3 of the games and poorly in one of the games. I forgot how painful playing heads up SNGs can be, especially against hyper-aggressive players. For some reason, a lot of the players at the $21 SNGs on pokerstars are playing the games like they are ultra-turbos.

The first game (session 4) set a bad tone for the night. The guy that I was playing against raised every pot from the start of the game to $120 preflop with the blinds at the 10/20 level. After about 8 hands of his $120 preflop bets with me folding, I was dealt JJ and re-raised him another $200. He immediately went all in and surprise, surprise he had AA. Uggh!! The one time where I can actually play back against the guy he has AA.

Some of the other matches:

I flop two pair when blinds are high and we are even. All the chips go in on the flop and other guy hits his flush on the river.

Player started going all in every hand once he was down to 800 chips. I call with 1010 and flop a set. He made a straight with his 78o. A few hands later my top pair and straight draw lost to his two pair.

Session 9 (still in progress - currently +$238)
Match 1,2 - I was having trouble playing against some of the all in maniacs at the $21 level. No one folds any draw to any bet and they were hitting their draws. I decided to switch things up a bit - probably not the smartest thing. Instead of playing Match 1 and 2 at $21 each, I played a $50 +$2.50 heads up SNG. It worked out because I won it pretty easily. I considered this win a Match 1 and 2 win.

Match 3 ($52.50) - Win
Match 4 ($52.50) - Win
Match 5 ($105) - Win

So, thanks to a jumpstart I am on to match 6 tonight. Hopefully, that move will propel me on up the heads up ladder.

Totals to date
Total winnings (still in progress) - $130
Total time played - 6.5 hours
Net/Hour - $20/hr
Record - 9-8


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  1. Keep it up! Don't let that session 4 stall things (doesn't look like it has!)