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I have being running around the state of Florida since last week. I'm finally home now and have the week off, so I will probably be playing a good amount of poker. I have played a few MTTs in the last few days with a few ITM finishes and one 4th place finish in a $33.


I DVRed (if that is a word - might be included in the next dictionary update) the WSOP Tourney of Champions and watched it last night. I'm sure everyone reading this has seen it already, but talk about awesome poker. I don't think you can get a much more interesting final table, from a TV veiwing point of view. Matusow was ribbing Phil Hellmuth like crazy. Hoyt was sucking out left and right. Hellmuth was, well, Hellmuth. Dannemann went off on Hellmuth - calling him a Punk long after giving him a donkey as a XMas present. How much better TV can it get? I think the only thing better would have been Phil losing to a 2 outer on the river (didn't happen). I know a lot of people don't like Matusow, but how can you not root for a dengerate gambler to win and get the $$ to get him back on his feet. GG Mike.


I was going through some old baby pics and came across a box containing our Aruba 2003 pics. Some of them are hilarious. I am not one for getting my picture taken with anyone famous, but I was very drunk on my last night in Aruba.

We drank a lot on our last day in Aruba and wound up at Carlos and Charlies. It was, also, the same day as the final table of the WPT Aruba event. Shortly after we arrived at C&Cs the place starting filling up. Several shots later, almost everyone in Aruba for the UB tourney was there. I started buying shots for Daniel Larrson, who finished 2nd (I had play a few cash games with him). I, also, bought shots for Erick Lindgren. He came in 1st and in my drunken stupor I told him that he was now "World Famous." I guess I was right since that was his first big win and put him on the map.

I even bought shots for Phil Hellmuth.

I will try and post some of the pics later this week. When you see that glazed look in my eyes, you will wonder how I am even standing.


As I was posting this I had a fun hand. (since the sarcasm) Playing in a tourney, before the 1st break. Blinds 50/100. Early position limps. I raise to 400 with AA. He calls. Flop is 226. He checks I bet 400. He goes all in. (we are about even in chips) I call. He turns over 64o??? Turn 5. River 3. Gotta love those kind of hands.


I am heading to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa tomorrow to play a MTT $85+$15. I may play a few SNGs as well.

OK. I don't think I have any more ramblings right now.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing those pics...good luck in the $85 tourney...