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I am a computard. I can't figure out an easy way to publish the spreadsheet that I am using to track my progress in the Heads up Step Challenge. I tried Tripjax's suggestions and it helped. Let me know if the spreadsheet below is messing up everyone's screen. It looks ok on my screen, but I have a strange feeling it might be messed up.

I played three sessions last night.

Session 1 (+$33)
Match 1 ($20+$1) Win - I got off to a very shaky start. I lost with JJ to 47 after a 4 on river early. I then lost with AA to 23s when guy caught his flush. I was down to 190 chips and came back to win. Patience was the key. The guy was horrible and I managed to wait and get lucky.

Match 2 ($20+$1) Win - Quick and easy match that didn't last past the 1st level. The guy was a maniac that was playing all in preflop poker at the 1st level. He went all in when I flopped top pair and he flopped bottom pair.

Match 3 ($50+$2.50) Win - I got all my chips in with top pair and open ended straight draw against an overpair. I got lucky and made two pair to win. It does happen both ways.

Match 4 ($50+$2.50) Loss - I flopped a set, all the chips went in and the guy rivered a flush.

Session 2 (-$21)
Match 1 ($20+$1) Loss - Another maniac that was going all in pratically every hand. After about 10 hands I flop two pair and he goes all in with his underpair to the board. He makes a set on the river.

Session 3 (-$15)
Match 1 ($20+$1) Win - It seems most of the players at the $21 level are maniacs. This match didn't last past the 1st level. I won it very easy by putting all my chips in with the nuts and the guy called with middle pair and drawing dead.

Match 2 ($20+$1) Win - Probably the fastest heads up match that I have ever played. It lasted exactly 3 hands. Another wild bettor went all in with top pair vs. my overpair.

Match 3 ($50+$2.50) Loss - Very, very frustrating. Somehow my connection slowed to a snails pace and it took 30 seconds for action to happen after I clicked check, fold, raise, etc. I timed out a few times when I had big hands. I eventually lost when the blinds started getting high with A10 vs AJ. Gotta check the connection tonight. I feel that I lost because of my connection.

Session 1-3 (-$3) - Net loss of $3. Record in matches was 5-3. I will try again tonight and see how it goes.

Good luck at the tables,

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