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That is right. I found this hand history from the $50/$100 NL tables on UB. It was an $80k REAL MONEY pot involving two monster hands. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to win or lose that hand. Straight flush takes down a full house.

Hand #10102439-9073 at Holden (No Limit Hold'em)
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Started at 16/Dec/05 01:22:23
Mahatma is at seat 1 with $87221.
BrightIdea is at seat 2 with $9903.50.
anyone is at seat 3 with $39814.
The Awesomest is at seat 5 with $9900.
The button is at seat 1.

BrightIdea posts the small blind of $50.
anyone posts the big blind of $100.


The Awesomest folds. Mahatma raises to $350.
BrightIdea folds. anyone calls.

Flop (board: Ts 7d 5d):
anyone checks. Mahatma bets $750. anyone raises to $1500. Mahatma calls.

Turn (board: Ts 7d 5d 6c):
anyone bets $2300. Mahatma calls.
River (board: Ts 7d 5d 6c 6d):

anyone bets $4100. Mahatma goes all-in for $83071.
anyone goes all-in for $35664.
Mahatma is returned $47407 (uncalled).

Mahatma shows 5s 6s.
Mahatma has 5s 6s 5d 6c 6d: full house, sixes full of fives.
anyone shows 3d 4d.
anyone has 3d 4d 7d 5d 6d: straight flush, seven high.

Hand #10102439-9073 Summary:

$2 is raked from a pot of $79678.
anyone wins $79,676 with straight flush, seven high.

All I can say is unreal.


2 responses to "$80K NL cash game REAL MONEY pot...can't even imagine"

  1. Can you say mortgage paid off! That is unbelievable. I bet Mahatma threw up in his mouth...


  2. That's Mickey Mouse!!

    I've played plenty of 100,000 pots... in play money :)