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I'll make this quick. Poker Plans this weekend.

- Play 2 Heads Up Step Challenges - click here for details.

- Play Friday Night $55 NL tourney on Pokerstars at 10 PM

- Play 1 or 2 180 person $22 SNG tourneys on Pokerstars

- Play at least one other Multi-Table Tourney

- Play NL short handed cash games


Work is crazy. Christmas time is crazy (or Holiday season for the p.c.). I am busy!! Hopefully, I will find some to to play some live poker soon. I may try to head to the Hard Rock in Tampa and play a tourney when I'm off between Xmas and New Year's.


I am in the process of creating a new excel spreadsheet to track all my poker play. I will implement it on Jan. 1 to help track winnings for tax purposes next year. I will post the recap information and, hopefully, everyone will give me some constructive comments. I have broken it down by the following items for now:

NL-Cash Short Handed
NL-Cash Full Table
Limit-Cash Short Handed
Limit-Cash Full Table
SNG-Heads Up
SNG-2 table
Multi-Table Tourney - haven't broken it down by type, but have it set up to sort by tourney type
Bonus Sheet

There is a lot of detail on each sheet and it all goes forward to the recap, as I finalize the spreadsheet I will post the details.

OK - That is all for now


3 responses to "Weekend Poker"

  1. If you are willing to make it available, I'd be interested in possibly getting a copy of the spreadsheet before you start using it. I'm always looking for a good way to keep track of my poker game.

    If you would rather not, I understand, but I just thought I would check.


  2. tripjax - I will email you a copy of the spreadsheet when I finish it - probably will finalize it around the end of the month. I have probably made it more complicated than necessary, so there will be a few things you may not use.


  3. lol
    cool thanks...i also am a "make things more complicated than they should be" kinda guy so don't sweat it.

    thanks again...