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I will post a message here, but I feel like I am talking to myself. Does anyone really read poker blogs? I guess one of us will have to make it to a TV final table for this to ever get read by anyone.

Update on poker for me - I plan on playing as many WCOOP sats as possible between now and Sunday so that I can play a couple of the events. I currently have W$1,249 in my account and will update my progress on Sunday. I plan on trying to play the $500 event #1 on Sunday and the $200NL rebuy event #5 on Thursday. I probably won't have time for any other events, but we will see.....


2 responses to "Does anyone really read poker blogs?"

  1. I dont but my two friends that took me to reno probably do. I spent 2 days at 300 bucks on the Jacks or higher video poker but hey I got to see a royal flush before I left woo hoo!


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