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A new idea – my own personal heads up steps.

I haven’t played the Party Poker Step SNGs in a while, but when I was playing them I did very well. Thanks to a 3rd place in the original 2 table steps for $3,600, a 4th place in the single table steps for $1,200, and 1st and 2nd place finishes in 2 mini-steps for $2,000 and $1,000. I then had some trouble advancing to the final steps and felt like I was in the movie Groundhog Day after spending around $2,500 of my winnings. I still netted over $5k but I got very frustrated with the idea of playing levels over and over or having to replay a lower level. I, eventually, stopped playing the SNG steps and moved on to other things.

I have been doing pretty well in some heads up SNGs lately and decided to try my own personal version of the steps for heads up SNGs. It is a variation of the betting system that I use when I play blackjack. Basically, you bet your minimum and double your bet after two wins in a row. You keep doing this until you lose. Once you lose, you go back to your original minimum bet. You never increase your bet when you are losing. If you go on a big rush and win a lot hands in a row you win big.

Thus, the heads up step SNGs challenge was born from my past success with steps, my current success with heads up SNGs and a blackjack betting system.

I will start at the $20 level and play according to the chart at the bottom of this post until I lose a match. Once I lose, I will restart from the beginning. If I win 3 in a row, I am assured a profit. If I lose a match along the way, then I wind up with the following results. Note: I will be playing three $200 heads up SNGs in a row because pokerstars does not have $400 heads up SNGs.

Lose match

Match 1 - $21 Loss
Match 2 - $2 Loss
Match 3 - $15 Loss
Match 4 - $33 Win
Match 5 - $28 Win
Match 6 - $123 Win
Match 7 - $113 Win
Match 8 - $303 Win
Match 9 - $493 Win
Match 10 - $373 Win
Match 11 - $853 Win
Match 12 - $823 Win
Match 13 - $1,793 win

And if I win Match 14 – total win of $3,793. I may decide to stop at Step 10 for a total win of $1,373 if I make it that far. We shall see…

Heads Up Challenge

Item Buyin Win P/L Total
1 $21 $40 $19 $19
2 $21 $40 $19 $38
3 $53 $100 $48 $86
4 $53 $100 $48 $133
5 $105 $200 $95 $228
6 $105 $200 $95 $323
7 $210 $400 $190 $513
8 $210 $400 $190 $703
9 $210 $400 $190 $893
10 $520 $1,000 $480 $1,373
11 $520 $1,000 $480 $1,853
12 $1,030 $2,000 $970 $2,823
13 $1,030 $2,000 $970 $3,793

I can't seem to post a copy of the excel spreadsheet. I will try again later, but this should work for now.

If anyone knows an easy way to post an excel spreadsheet, please let me know. I need help!!!!

Note: This is an experiment. I am going to try this 5 times and evaluate whether or not I want to continue.


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  1. Within blogger, under the settings section, there is an email setting. Within that link is an option to allow you to email your posts from an outside source to your blogger account. it will be something like:

    where the blank is whatever you choose. be sure to unclick the publish button so it saves it as a draft in your blogger account instead of automatically posting it.

    then what you can do is, directly from your excel spreadsheet, choose to email the spreadsheet contents to that address. sometimes it looks better when you copy and paste the item from excel and put it in a word document centered. then send it the same way as noted above, but from the word doc.

    on a random note, i created a plan for heads-up step ups a while back...maybe a poker site will pick it are the details (i actually used the above technique to put the excel spreadsheet in the below link)...


  2. oh, and by the way, i think this is a great idea...and take it from me who has played heads up against you...i think you will do well...


  3. Thanks for the info. I will try it out later today. I did OK last night and will post an update later today.