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I have been playing very little poker lately :(

Reasons for my lack of play and blog involvement over the last few months:
Countless weekend trips
My wife's grandmother passed away a few weeks ago
Have been very busy leading up to the Holidays
My cousin got married and I was in the wedding
Flu (not the bird-flu, but the flu none the less)
Did I mention the weekend trips?

That being said, I plan on starting a Gidders-esque Sit & Go challenge during Christmas break. It all depends on the time allowed as another trip to South Carolina is looming, but I will be sure to update the blog with any activity.

How's that for a post Cmitch! Not very interesting is it :)


2 responses to "Not much poker lately"

  1. Thanks for posting :)

    Just giving you a hard time.


  2. you know me and poker what is this poker business idea you speak of (or is it all hush hush?).

    glad to get a post from you loopy...