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As you can see...we are experitmenting with some new layouts and things are changing. Hopefully, we will get the new layout up and running soon. It says new logo soon above, but it may just be the old logo formatted to the new layout.

I thought all you had to do was type your blog posts into the "create blog" screen - who knew it was all this work to make your blog stand out a little.

I've been so busy at work and at home lately (not to mention jury duty) that I haven't posted in a couple of days. I promise to post again soon. I won my way in last week and I am planning on using my entry ticket to play the $850 Super Satellite to the CPC Bahamas Tourney on Party Poker on Saturday at 2 pm (unless something gets in the way). It pays one package for every 10 entries, so I might have a chance.

Good Luck at the Tables,

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