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If you haven't heard yet (you probably have) Pokershare just started a new policy as of November 1, 2005. I had a balance of $300 on Pokershare, so I fell into the in between snail mail amount for a refund at first.

"We would like to thank you for being a member of PokerShare. We are writing to inform you that due to a policy change as of November 1, 2005 North American residents are no longer able to play in the PokerShare cardroom.

If you are owed money, you will be receiving a check in full for your entire account balance to your address on file. Balances in excess of $500 have been sent by FedEx. Smaller balances have been sent by regular mail."

This was followed by another email a couple of hours later because of the rage and uproar of the masses. I don't want to wait 3 weeks for a $300 check when I originally deposited funds through neteller.

"Several players who had balances of under $500 but more than $100 have requested that they receive their money sooner than what regular mail will allow. To accommodate this request, we will be sending all checks $50 and over via FedEx. As your withdrawal is $50 or more, you can now expect to see your funds arrive via FedEx to the address we have on file for you."

We will see how long it will take for them to get the Fedex checks out. I set the over/under on getting my check at next Monday.

I am extremely pissed and disappointed. I was starting to like Pokershare and anxious to see what my share of the profits would be. The site, basically, folded once they stopped accepting Ultimate Bet members. The no more North American players is just an excuse to close down. Their business model no longer worked once ANY and EVERY person that had ever had a UB account were locked out of their customer base.

Screw them!!! They got my hopes up for nothing.

Not sure if everyone knows, but they were offering WPT packages to the first players that reached 75,000 sharepoints. Several players were getting close, but surprise surprise no more WPT package for them - no more shelling out of $12k per player for 10 players or $120,000 worth of free stuff!! WTF?!? WTF?!? WTF?!?

I feel cheated and will stop rambling now!!

Good Luck all - go play at Pokerstars, they aren't going to leave you high and dry like a high school girl the morning after the prom.

UPDATE. The message below was posted by Max Right on , the poker room manager at pokershare

"This event has taken us by surprise and emails were sent from Excapsa Software and Game Theory Limited without our prior approval. This is a very serious matter and one which we are taking further with Excapsa Software and Game Theory Limited.

I would like to apologize for the manner in which this event has occurred once again and I would like to stress that it was beyond our control. We consider our players and affiliates our number one priority and we would like to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to remedy this action.

A full statement will be available shortly which I hope goes some way to explain the circumstances.

Kind regards

Max Wright

Poker Room Manager for"

Sounds like UB shut them down!!!

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  1. Pokershare sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


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  3. I'm also eager to see how long it takes you to get paid Mitch... I'll take the over!