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I have been playing at Party Poker a little recently and noticed the new Blackjack button in the Lobby and the Blackjack and SideBet buttons when you open a table. They are very annoying not to mention -EV. I don't know why anyone would want to make such -EV bets when there are plenty of +EV poker games available.

I wanted to remove these items from the software, if possible. I searched the internet and found an easy way to remove the clutter of the these buttons. See the steps below.

1. Go to Program Files/PartyPoker/Images
2. Rename 3 files by adding an x in front of them or renaming them anything you want like "money_down_the_drain"
- SidebetBG.JPG
- table_bj_button.jpg
- lobby_bj_button.jpg
3. Next time you open the Party Poker software you will no longer see these annoying buttons.

Good luck at the tables (and don't be tempted by the Blackjack),


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