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24th of 76.

I just finished the playing the CPC Bahamas Super Satellite. There were 76 entrants and it paid 7 seats plus cash for 8-10. I never could get anything going and then finally pushed at the wrong time. My 99 ran into the small blind chip leader's AA. I know I've been in his position before but it must be nice to get dealt AA in the blind as the Chip Leader and have someone put all their chips in before the betting even reaches you.

The tourney has just ended, so I am questioning myself a little. Would anyone reading this (Beuller?, Beuller?) have played this differently? Should I have played this differently?

I get dealt 99 in late position. I have about 1,200 in chips - blinds are 75/150 about to go up to 100/200 and the table is 8 handed. The chip leader is in the small blind and got most of his chips by thinking KQ was a great hand and getting all his chips in preflop with it and hitting a straight against a guy with a big pair. He has been re-raising with any ace. The Big Blind only has a few more chips than I do. I opened the betting in late position by going all-in with my last 1,200 in chips.

My thinking
1. I would like to get the chips right there.
2. The small blind chip leader would go over the top of any bet I made if he had any 2 face cards, any ace, or any pocket pair. I would probably have to call because of the amount of chips in the pot.
3. The chip leader would most likely call my all in bet with any pair or any ace. I wouldn't mind racing for some of his chips against a weak ace or better yet a lower pair.
4. The big blind is tight and is folding anything but JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AK and maybe AQ. He is in hang on mode.

So, does everyone lose all their chips here against the chip leader's AA?

4 responses to "CPC Super Sat - Wasted afternoon!!"

  1. i'm with you on that one...


  2. i went back and checked out how chip leader was doing. When there were 9 left he was in 6th place. I just checked again and the tourney is not up on Party - I wish they would keep their finished tourneys up longer so I would know how he did.


  3. I can't say I blame you one bit for making a move at that point.

    You've got to start accumulating chips and that guy sounded like the perfect mark for it.

    Unfortunately.... Very Bad Luck :(



  4. < 10BB. Every hand is Push or fold. 99 is strong. Very strong against potential A2, A6 callers that you get in these things. Just ran up against a Monstah!