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Why do I think the 180 person $22 tourneys on Pokerstars are so juicy?

Several reasons – the main one being the commentary below (from $22 180 person tourney last week). That is how a lot of the players in these tourneys think. My Aces got taken down by this guy on a 77J flop. I thought the only possible hands that he could have to beat me were 77 or JJ. I didn’t think there was any way my huge preflop raised was being called by any hand that had a 7 in it other than 77.

Cut and pasted from Pokerstars Hand History
sportingimag said, "nh"
tludwig812 said, "sorry man"
tludwig812 said, "thats a good cracking hand" – he is talking about 67 soooted
sportingimag said, "u call 7xBB with it?” - I stop talking at this point
tludwig812 said, "i would ya" – He said would, he actually just did.
tludwig812 said, "suited connectors any day"
tludwig812 said, "yes"
tludwig812 said, "almost any good holdem player would" – He was out of position also
tludwig812 said, "its the same thing as queen jack suited"
tludwig812 said, "or 10 9 suited"
tludwig812 said, "im sorry for a bad beat though"

Got to love that kind of thinking – putting ¼ of your stack in with 67s. (Now that it worked for him, he will forever call ¼ to ½ his stack with any suited connectors.)

I played two $22 180 player tourneys last night. The first one I got knocked out during the 1st level when I got all my chips in against a LAG player with my QQ vs his AJ. Ace on turn. I was dominating the 2nd tourney until we got down to 12 players and I had some bad luck. I lost with A10 and all the money going in on a 10 high flop to AQ. AQ made runner runner straight. My AQ then lost to Q9 with all the money going in preflop. Q9 made a straight. I went from 2nd out of 12th to 12th out of 12. I did my best to chip up but wound up finishing 7th for $126.

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