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I stuck to my plan Friday night and it paid off. I needed to focus. I, too often, turn on the computer, check all the poker sites and sign up for the next tourney that looks good. I don’t start the night off with a plan. The main reason for writing about my quest for the Bahamas was so that I would stick to my guns and wouldn’t drift around and play whatever looked good at the moment. Yesterday, I mapped out my weekend poker aimed towards winning my way to the Bahamas and stuck to my plan.

Party Poker
I played one $11 CPC Sub-Qualifier SNG – finished 5th when my KK lost to A4 after raising with KK and getting re-raised all in by A4 soooooted. Ace on the river and I’m down to 200 in chips with 50/100 blinds. No cards and out.

After realizing how much of a crapshoot the $11 SNG satellites are, I decided to buy into the $99 Sub-Satellite that pays 1 seat per $850 in the prize pool to the $850 Super Satellite on Saturday. The Super pays 1 package for every 10 players.

Well there were 122 players in the $99 satellite. It paid 12 seats to the $850 Super Satellite and 13th, 14th, and 15th all get some money. I wound up plugging along and was barely staying above water until we got down to 35 players. Everyone was tightening up, so I changed gears. I started to get very aggressive – not pre-flop aggression, but post flop aggression when I figured that there wasn’t much of a chance the other guy hit the flop. When we got down 13 players, I folded JJ UTG because the massive chip leader was the big blind and two players didn’t have enough to cover both the SB and BB. One of the short stacks went out on that hand with his AQ vs. the chip leader’s AK on a high flop. I won my entry into the $850 super sat.

I was watching my 3 year old daughter Saturday morning/afternoon until 4 PM, so I unregistered from the $850 Super that started at 2 PM and will play next week.

I played a FPP SNG that pays $215 Tourney Dollars for 1st - I came in 2nd after about a 40 minute heads up battle. Kind of painful, but didn’t cost anything. We finally got all of the chips in with an Ace high flop. We both had Aces and I was outkicked. Next hand my K8 was no match for his J8 and I’m out.

$55+$5 Turbo SNG – 2nd Place for $148.50. Forgot how much of a crapshoot these turbo SNGs are at the end.

$73+$7 Satellite – 39 entries, paid 4 seats plus $175 for 5th and $72 for 6th. I had a great run in this satellite. I was chip leader or 2nd in chips for almost the whole tourney. It was very easy to use the big stack to my advantage because of the nature of a satellite. Everything was clicking and I felt like I was making great decisions.

I played the $650 Super satellite on Saturday and never could get much going. I was getting low on chips and my 10,10 ran into 9,9 (99 was hyper-aggressive) and we got all the chips in with a 9 high flop. I finished 92 out of 192 – very disappointing. Was going to write up a tourney report but didn't have the energy.


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