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More interesting info regarding Harrah's handling of the WSOP... this time regarding the 2006 version of the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS. The following link was posted by Blair Rodman on

Here's an excerpt:

"When Harrah's took control of the WSOP they inherited an event with a long tradition of being at the pinnacle of the poker world, where the players were treated honestly and with respect. Harrah's is quickly establishing traditions of their own. Unfortunately, a lack of integrity, and a complete disregard for the everyday player, without whom there would be no WSOP, are not the kinds of traditions that will ensure that the name World Series of Poker will lead the great game of poker into the future."

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  2. Negreanu hit it on the head. They set up the rules for the TOC early on and then added "named" players for ratings purposes. Doesn't seem fair to the players that actually qualified.