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I got home today and my wife told me that a FedEx letter had arrived for me. It was the check for the money that I had in my Pokershare account when they closed down. The strange thing was that it was my balance plus $7.28. Not sure, what the $7.28 was for. Maybe it was my share. It definitely wasn't payment for my bonus dollars since I still had over $50 pending in the account.

Oh well, it looks like the Pokershare fiasco is over for me. Not sure how long before I play at Ultimate Bet again. It was my original poker home and my favorite software, but they haven't grown or listened to the customers on ways to improve. Pokerstars is a perfect example of a site trying to new things for the customers (deep stack tourneys, short handed, shootouts, heads up tourneys, Frequent Player Points sngs that pay entry to big tourneys, the ability to unregister after you win a satellite and use those $$ for other tourneys or sngs, etc, etc) I know I will play at UB again, I'm just not sure when.

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