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I noticed last week that UB has added PINEAPPLE to their list of cash games. There is a hi/lo version of it which got me thinking (a problem in itself)...Why is there no hi/lo version of HOLD 'EM? I know it would be a bit crazy and action packed, but I wonder why there is no such bird. Limit Hold 'Em 8/ob... sounds reasonable to me.

Watching Mike Matusow over the last 6 weeks or so during various Main Event episodes of the 2005 WSOP made me realize that you have to be absolutely fearless to WIN poker tournaments. Now that may seem obvious, but when Mike lost most of his chips early on at the final table when his KK ran into AA (if it were only that simple... he was down preflop / took the lead after a K came / and then lost to a river flush card) he could have easily sat back and waited on big pairs or AK to get back up and running. This was not the case as he was raising with absolute JUNK against the big stacks and taking down pots. It ultimately didn't work out for him as Danennnnmmmmannnn sucked out on him to knock him out 9th, but it really showed that being CARD DEAD is relative to who you're playing against. Now if I just had the bankroll to consistently play in the $100+ tourneys! I could make one "advanced" play after another that Bax and Sheets would have to lay down their huge hands :)

Another online youngster is a multi-millionaire:
Nick Schulman wins the 2005 WPT World Poker Finals at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino, winning $2,142,000, a Wampum belt (as a trophy), and a $25,500 seat into the WPT World Championship at Bellagio in the spring. Nick... aka TheTakeover on PokerStars is a 21 year old college student that has made a ton-o-money playing online.


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  1. Loopy - do your "advanced" plays include raising big with K6o? ;)