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It looks like FTOPS VII is starting at the beginning of Feb. I might try to satellite into a few of them once the satellites start - depending on what type of sats they offer.

Based on start times and games, the ones that look most interesting to me are below (not sure how many I will play):

FTOPS #1 $200 NL Holdem (Wed night - so not sure if I can play)

FTOPS #10 $1k 6 max NL Holdem (Mon night - if I can satellite in, I'll stay up)

FTOPS #14 $322 Razz (It's on Valentine's Day, so it's out - would love to play it though)

FTOPS #17 $2,620 NL Holdem 2 Day Event (The satellites to this one were so weak last time. If they have some good sats, I will probably try to satellite into it. Would definitely be fun to play.)

FTOPS #20 $525 NL Holdem Main Event (I've done OK in the FTOPS Main Events in the past. Playing in this one will depend on our family schedule that day/weekend.)

FTOPS VII Schedule Link

2 responses to "Another FTOPS is Almost Here"

  1. I played $300 RAZZ and $500 HORSE last FTOPS, they were very crapshooty after awhile so I would stay away from them unless you like NL RAZZ in the middle.....

    Chad C

  2. FT typically throws out a $10 re-buy satalite at 9:45. Was the softest thing ever and the morons jam in 5 plus re-buys to fund your entry.

    good luck and see you there.

    Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy