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AA oop with the nut flush draw. I made a smallish bet on the flop hoping for a raise. I definitely should have bet more on the turn. (Basically, I played it poorly, especially because I was oop.)

What do you do on the river? What is your plan if he shoves?

400NL - Villain is 19/17 over a small sample

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Seat 1: danishdude ($162.40)
Seat 2: IRunSoGood ($1,030.50)
Seat 3: eb226 ($400) Sitting Out
Seat 4: ConstantColorUp ($853.10) -
Seat 5: cmitch ($1,347.40) -
Seat 6: SkyzZik ($783) -


cmitch posts small blind $2
SkyzZik posts BIG blind $4
Dealt To: cmitch

FOLD danishdude
RAISE IRunSoGood ($14)
FOLD ConstantColorUp
RAISE cmitch ($46)
FOLD SkyzZik
CALL IRunSoGood ($32)


Pot: $96

BET cmitch ($65)
CALL IRunSoGood ($65)


Pot: $226

BET cmitch ($125) - Yes, I probably should have bet more here.
CALL IRunSoGood ($125)


Pot: $476


15 responses to "250 BB Deep Help with River Action"

  1. Cmitch, did you consider checking the turn? I'm not a big fan of building a big pot against a very deep stack in a situation like that. I could see myself check calling the turn and river in order to control the pot size. Betting more could also be good but I'm not sure exactly what that would accomplish. In other words, he's not drawing to the ace high flush. If he has top pair (which is unlikely, IMO) then he only has like 5 outs (2 more jacks and 3 of his other card). So, on the turn, the only hand that would call there would be a hand that beats you unless he's drawing to a K high flush. But again, in that case, he has no outs so it doesn't really matter. So, in this sequence, he could have a set or maybe he has a higher PP (like QQ or KK) but either way, I think I'd rather just turn into a check call mode on the turn. If I check call the turn, I'd throw out a blocking bet on the river when the J pairs. If he doesn't have a boat or a flush, he can't raise you, I don't think. If he raises you all in, I'd fold. It's just not worth calling off such a big stack into a hand where I'm marginally ahead or I'm totally beat. If the opponent is bluffing on such a dangerous board, then you'll get his money eventually.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  2. I check\call but I don't feel good about it.


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  4. Just to add one more thing. I think top pair is unlikely because what would he call the reraise with that includes a jack? If he's a fairly tight player, no way he's calling a reraise with AJ, KJ, QJ... unless he's an idiot. Maaaaaaybe JT just because it might play well against two high cards but even then, I really can't imagine any holdings that would include a jack.

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  5. Cmitch, I can't resist doing a post about this...

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  6. Thanks for pointing out oversight


  7. he was probably on a flush draw. i would bet out another $150 on the rvr. if he shoves, i'm done with it.


  8. I agree with your comment cmitch about the blocking bet on the river (which I now see Smokkee suggested).

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  9. Yuck, the big stacks make a crappy situation much worse.

    Think I would try the check call route, and hope he has KK/QQ and just puts in a smallish raise.

    I would think a blocker bet gets re-raised with 2 hands, anything with a jack or a busted draw (thats a crappy decision to make).

    If he jams to your river check, I would tend to call, but I could still just give up and wait for a better opportunity depending on my read on the villian.

    Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy

  10. Awkward stack sizes for sure. I like a blocking bet of about 40% of the pot on the river in order to put your opponent to the test. If you get re-raised, you can let your overpair go if you believe he's got you beat. In short, I concur with smokkee.


  11. I bet $275 on the river.

    I don't expect a reraise either.


  12. $175 on turn, $300 on river. You're committed at this point, so if you have the worst hand it's a cooler. Which is why we have bankroll...

    You can't be afraid of every passive caller who may be on the same (worse) draw as you.


  13. Check/Call doesn't give you another avenue to win, so throw out that blocking bet $200-$250 should do it.

    If raised go kick something and fold.


  14. I put him on either small suited club connector cards or JJ. To me, those hands would explain the smooth call on the flop and turn, and the call preflop. I think most other holdings would have to raise (top pair, sets, flush draws). If he has the small suited made flush, I think calling is a way to handle pot control, given a 4th club would be bad for him. Of course with JJ, it's a no brainer. I put a blocking bet on the river, and if he pops it, fold and move on.


  15. Scratch JJ, I'll stick with the suited cards.