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Mixed emotions. It is nice to have gone so deep (84 out of 4,500+) in the FTOPS Main Event, but stings to get so close to a huge payday.

I have a busy day tomorrow. It is our daughter's first day of kindergarten and I have a project due. I'll go through the hand histories tomorrow night and post a few on Tues - mainly the marginal calls/risky pushes/etc.

Thanks for all the rail support!! That was awesome!!

19 responses to "FTOPS Main Event - Deep Run"

  1. You did great Cmitch.

    A couple of the hands I thought were interesting and I look forward to your discussions on as many as you can.

    This was informative as well as educational on playing Large form, large risk, MTT.

    Congrats on going deap my friend.

    Maybe we can have you on BD/IT Radio to discuss your trip on Wednesday. Contact me for connection details!

    All my best

    IT aka Sean

    Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean

  2. daughter's first day of kindergarten? in august? wow!

    congrats on a great tournament!!!


  3. Congrats man. Nice comebacks on a couple of occasions.

    Mike Maloney

  4. I'll admit...I crashed well before your run ended, but watched along the way...congrats.

    And let's leave the kindergarten stuff to yourself okay? I have two years before my daughter goes and I am in denial.


  5. Awesome job, Mitch wtg!!! You made a couple of big comebacks from what I saw. And I too am looking forward to your discussion of some of the hands. That is a really incredible run, congrats!

    Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo

  6. Congrats on the great run! I watched just after Lucko busted out (who I'd just wished good luck to, then he went busto). I decided my powers were too great and kept my luck to myself for you.

    Craig Cunningham

  7. Congrats on the deep run.

    Although emotions are mixed about not going deeper it's still quite an accomplishment.

    Continued Success.


  8. For a fish, you play pretty goot.


  9. Great job!!! We're putting together a blogger poker night in Tampa next month. If you are interested let me know.


  10. Nicely done. Now you just have to gear up for the next FTOPS Series, which I believe starts in seven minutes.


  11. gg


  12. Well played!


  13. Very nicely done! Sorry I couldn't stay up for the whole thing!

    Alan aka RecessRampage

  14. vn cash for 84th pl finish. just way too many donkeys to dodge.


  15. Nice finish. Congrats.


  16. Wow, congrats!

    Matt Silverthorn

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  18. Probably November 9th and/or 10th. A friend of mine is in Tampa that weekend defending his Bantamweight belt and I have a ringside VIP table for us to use and an after-party at the Hard Rock on the 9th. E-mail me at surflexus AT comcast DOT net and i'll keep you informed.


  19. awesome job on the cash man...great run