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I am feeling "run down" today. I didn't get a lot of sleep Sunday Night and was running on empty all day Monday. I was going to go to bed early Monday night. I played a $150 SNG to the $1k WSOP sat and won my entry into the $1k WSOP Monday Night Satellite. That probably wasn't the smartest thing to do since I had to wake up early the next day. I built a decent stack in the satellite, but wound up busting out after going card dead/blinding away at a very aggressive table. I finally pushed all-in (out of frustration) into a an unraised pot with a weak Ace and it folded to the BB, who called with AK. My hand didn't improve and I stayed up late for nothing.

Yesterday, I had to get up at 4:45 AM so that I could catch a 7:00 AM flight to Ft. Lauderdale for business. I flew back last night and made it back home around 7:00 PM. I was exhausted, but still found the energy to turn on the laptop and play a few cash games. I won some money, but was kicking myself for playing until 12:30 AM. Based on how tired I was and how I was feeling I should have gone to bed around 9 PM. I am paying for it today.

I don't have a current goal/plan for poker right now other than "try to get ready for the WSOP." I have had specifc goals that I have been working towards every month this year and it has helped my game tremedously and kept me focused. It seems strange to not have a specific plan each night. I need some direction/a plan. Every night I have fired up the laptop and looked through what tourneys were about to start. If nothing looked good, I would jump into a 5/10NL, 10/20NL, or 25/50NL cash game(s) depending on which games were running and which tables looked good. I play until I am tired and then go to bed.

I am not sure how much playing time I will have before the WSOP because of all the work that I have to get done before leaving town. I feel like I am drifting aimlessly through the online poker tables right now - although that could be the lack of sleep talking. I am going to try to figure out some short term goals by tomorrow morning. Any suggestions are welcome.


2 responses to "Vegas seems like light years away"

  1. hey..come up to AC next week. there's a $5,000 buy-in tourney that starts july 15 at the borgata. they've been running satellites this month and will have some this weekend. that's the perfect tuneup!

    you can get a room at the borgata for $50 with the poker rate!

    (and, no, i'm not a paid employee of the borgata)

    Joe Carswald

  2. If you need a noble cause you could do a Guin-needs-a-bigger-bankroll charity event... or donate your nights winnings to that charity....

    either way we can come up with some goals for you!