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I'm going to be very busy during the month of June.  Here is what it looks like as of now:

May 31 - Fly to Hawaii

May 31-June 6 - in Hawaii - Work 12-14 hr days/try to have fun in Hawaii (prob will able to on Sat and Sun)

June 6 - Fly back to Orlando from Hawaii

June 11-13 - Birthday Weekend!

June 14 - Viva Las Vegas!!!

June 14-21 - Las Vegas - Cash games, cash games, cash games (maybe 1 or 2 mtts)

June 21-June 30 - Countdown to the first day of real cash game poker in FL!!!!

July 1st - Cash games in FL - REAL CASH GAMES IN FL!!!!  I don't expect it to be like 2004-2006, but if it is somewhere between 2004-2006 live cash games and today's live games, then I will be a very happy man.

It's looking like I'll probably only play 1 tourney while out there.  The $1.5k WSOP NL donkament on Wed.  I was thinking about playing the Venetian $2.1k on Thurs, but can't justify playing in a 2k tourney right now, since I don't seem to know how to play tourneys anymore and my last live tourney experience really sucked the excitement of live tourneys out of me.

I'm thinking of playing a bunch of tourneys on FTP tonight - taking a break from rush poker.  If I can figure out how to play them again, I may play more than one live mtt while in LV.

By the way, if anyone figures out how to do a live rush tourney I'll be the first in line to register.

2 days until Mai Tais on the beach.  16 days until beer at the Hooker Bar.

Life is hectic, but life is good!!

5 responses to "Busy Month Ahead"

  1. Have fun in Hawaii.

    Memphis MOJO

  2. Sounds liek a hard life - should eb a great month, best of luck at the tables.


  3. whoah dude like automated revolving chairs.. so after each hand it like shoots you off into this queue and places you at a new random table.. that would be cool.


  4. What a fantastic schedule that looks like! Went to Hawaii a couple of years ago and had the best time - soo jealous right now. Might try sort myself out with a month like that one day!!


  5. Blogger Breakfast June 20.